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Stinky dry food

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I've been going through a number of different brands of dry food, trying to find something that my kitties will eat that is also good for them. After reading a lot of the posts here and getting information from other sources, I would like to give them a grain-free diet.

I got a small bag of Wellness Core to try out. When I first opened the bag a very unpleasant strong odor almost knocked me over. I was hoping it would dissipate fairly rapidly, but that doesn't seem to be happening. In fact, when I leave the food dish in a poorly ventilated area it starts smelling like stale urine.

Has anybody else noticed this? Did I get a bad batch of the food? The expiration date is March, 2009. The cats have been eating it and I haven't seen any vomiting or diarrhea from it.

If I put different types of food out at the same time the cats show a definite order of preference:
#1--junk food (of course, they're like kids). This food has more grain and vegetables than meat, which I didn't realize at the time I bought it. Fortunately, it's almost gone.

#2--Taste of the Wild

#3--Wellness Core

#4--Iams Kitten Food. They won't actually eat this unless there is nothing else out.

I was hoping to be able to use the Core because I can get it at a store a 5-minute walk from my house. I have to drive 45-50 miles to get Taste of the Wild.
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I use taste of the wild with good results in four cats
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I use Nature's Variety Instinct and Wellness Core. He likes the Instinct, loves the Core, but he does very well on either/both. I don't notice an odor from the Core, but then again I don't free feed. I only give him what he will eat within 30-45 minutes, then I pick up his bowl. I feed him this way twice a day.
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Mine have enjoyed Solid Gold the best, but also like Chicken Soup for the Cat lover's soul, too...

One thing about premium cat foods (and dog foods) is that they do tend to have a more 'strange meaty smell' to them...simply because they actually have meat in them; it took a long time for my hubby to get used to the smell of premium pet foods, because his family fed Ol' Roy to their dog when he was growing up...which smells more 'grainy'...Lol!
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