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This is for you!!
I really do not know what a coke can looks like.
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Ladies it's only a 'soft' drink. Why so much animossity(sp?)
You should both just the fact that u enjoy cola
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There is no an,just a lot of jokeing!!
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Joking huh, I think we should take those 'coke ' drinking freaks out to the pasture to put them out of their misry.:angel2:
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You a pepsi drinker?
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Don't shoot me! Thank you for the can of coke! LOL I don't mind others that drink Pepsi, after all that is more coke for me!!!!
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This is true,If you ever come to my house you will have to bring your own coke!!
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I drink coke or pepsi
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after all I know no one will swipe my soda!!! LOL
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ha ha you guys are so funny. I drink raspberry ginger ale. Or regular ginger ale and orange juice.
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Even more Coke for me!!He he he
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I didn't mean to offend anyone, I thought we were JOKING!!!! Please, let me send u all many happy drinkings and drunkings. Just for the Easter meal, we bought both Pepsi, for mom, and Coke (in a can) for my step-dad. We will be in soda bliss, I will be drinking water or iced-tea, my favorites!!!!

Does anyone else have to drinking cranberry juice for urniary tract health??? I do, at least one 8oz cup a day, the doctor said it will help with my 'infections'. I guess due to all the anti-oxidants. I use to that juice but now that 'I HAVE TO' it's like medicine and doesn't go down as good as it use too. Just a silly quirk, I suppose.
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I don't drink either, I don't like carbonated drinks. LOL
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cranberry/blackberry juice it is awesome! There are other flavors you can try as well so it doesn't seem so much like "medicine"! Oh and Hey, I knew you were joking! Some people just see things in a bad light!
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Yep......bad light like those neon-brights at school....

Right now I have cran/grape. But blackberry sounds tasty
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I can not drink cranberry juice in any form!! I will just keep drinking my pepsi! 55 Dali ,I know yoy were joking!! I do have MT Dew in my house,Ted drinks it! Ick!!! And of course coffee,Ted also drinks it! double ick!
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COKE COKE COKE IS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pepsi is OK but I will only drink pepsi if Coke is not available

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LOL When I go out for lunch and if they only have coke I get a glass of coke and maybe.............drink half of it!! Otherways PEPSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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COKE ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Diet Pepsi could give coke a run for its money though

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