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I talked to my Brother today and he's so stressed

He had a fire in his house in June. I posted about it here:

He's been waiting and waiting for his insurance adjuster to give him the information of things he needs in order to go out and price out his appliances: measurements etc.

He's been phoning the guy weekly and the adjuster has been telling him that he hasn't received the information from the contractors doing the cleanup.

Today my brother was at the dentist and the hygenist, whose husband works for an insurance company, said to him "Did they tell you that you have 6 months from the date of the fire to provide them with an inventory and prices for everything or they don't have to pay you?"

No one had told my brother that. So it's 3 months gone already and he's really pressed for time. He called the adjuster today and was once again told that they didn't have the information to provide.

My brother called the cleanup company and asked them what the hold up was. The guy said that they had provided the adjuster a list of items in July and another one again near the beginning of August!

So it seems that the adjuster has been sitting on the information and purposefully delaying giving it to my brother, because of this 6 month time line. We suspect that he was withholding it and then planning on telling my bother "too late we told you it had to be done within a certain period of time." and it would be his word against my brother's.

My brother is going to get a lawyer involved and demand that the time limit be extended because he had the information months ago and despite my brother constantly calling him, didn't provide the information or inform my brother that there was a time limit.

I told him that if he can divy up his list of stuff that needs to be priced, that I can go out on the weekends and help price things. So that's what we are going to do.

He's going to divide up the stuff and his girl friend will go to one place, he'll go to another, I'll go some places, and each of her brothers and sisters will also help go out and price stuff.

I'll be spending the next 2 Sundays at Safeway pricing out all of his groceries, and believe me...he had a whole lot! He considers himself quite the chef and keeps a huge stocked pantry. He said that there is likely some other list that I can help with too, but the grocery one is one of the major ones and will be time consuming. I don't mind helping him. It will get me out of the house, give me something to do and give me some exercise too.