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My boys are awesome!

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Last month, after much prayer, consulting with family and friends, and many tears, I ended my 3-year long relationship. I do miss him, but I feel more at peace and more empowered now.

But enough about me . . . Oliver and Rocky have been incredibly attentive since the breakup. They've been very cuddly and affectionate, and were especially so in the first couple weeks when I was fighting the urge to call the ex. The minute I get home (from work or wherever) they greet me at the door, no matter what time it is. If I go to the bathroom first, they follow me there. If I sit down, they head directly for my lap; I've taken to calling them "The Orange Swarm". Anywhere I go in my apartment, they follow me.

Not only that, Oliver hasn't had a cystitis flare-up and Rocky's allergies have gotten much better. I wonder if they were reacting to my stress.

They've been an important part of my healing in other aspects of my life, and now is no exception.
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I do believe animals are very sensitive to our feelings, they do feel stress when we are stressed, and I also believe that stress is related to different physical problems. It really wouldn't surprise me that the cystitis flare-ups and the allegies are linked with stress. You have two very faithful and loving boys there. Good luck.
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It's so great to hear your cats help you and comfort you. I believe animals feel when their owners are in a bad mood, or when something is wrong, and even react to it physically. They have such a pure soul!!!

Any way, I hope you are better.
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