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I felt so sorry, for Laci's mother. I saw her press conference, this morning. Laci was her only daughter.
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This article gives a very good explanation of circumstantial evidence:

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I'm disgusted!
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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Prosecutors said on Friday they will seek the death penalty against Scott Peterson, a California man accused of murdering his pregnant wife and dumping her body in the San Francisco Bay.

District Attorney James Brazelton made the announcement late Friday after meeting with the dead woman's family and receiving their support for the decision. Scott Peterson, 30, is jailed without bail in Stanislaus County on two murder charges for allegedly killing his 27-year-old wife, Laci and their unborn son, Conner.

Brazelton issued a statement saying "a decision has been made to seek the death penalty" against Peterson, and announced the makeup of the prosecution team.

The district attorney had said earlier in the week that he felt strongly that the case merited the death penalty, but indicated he would consult with attorneys in his office and with Laci's family before making a formal decision.

Peterson pleaded innocent to the murder charges and to special circumstances of multiple murder on Monday.

Laci Peterson's headless corpse washed out of the San Francisco Bay on April 14, a day after her unborn son's body was found by hikers about a mile down the shoreline.

Her husband reported her missing on Dec. 24 -- about six weeks before she was due to give birth. Scott Peterson told police he had last seen Laci when she went out to walk the dog that morning. He did not report her absence until that evening, when he returned from a fishing trip to the San Francisco Bay.

Police now believe that Peterson killed his wife the night before he reported her missing and dumped her weighted body into the bay. Peterson admitted to having an affair with a Fresno woman who has since said he lied about being single.

In interviews before his arrest, Peterson denied having anything to do with his wife's disappearance and had even led local hunts to find her.

The case garnered national headlines and sparked huge outpourings of support for Laci Peterson and her family in the agricultural center of Modesto, located some 90 miles east of San Francisco.
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Gee, last week he couldn't afford a lawyer and now he hires a high-profile, high-PRICED lawyer. This Mark Geragos has been a commentor, for the past couple of weeks, saying that they had enough evidence to indict and now he's saying that Peterson is innocent.

Estimates of the cost of Peterson's defense range from one to three million dollars, for a lower-priced lawyer than Geragos. Where's the money coming from? After representing the likes of Winona Ryder and Gary Condit, I doubt that Geragos is working pro bono. Do you suppose that he's cut a deal, for book and movie rights? That's how Amy Fisher paid for her defense.
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Have you heard the theories, that Peterson's attorney is putting out?

"A Satanic cult did it" - this doesn't hold water because the condition of the bodies doesn't indicate ritual killing and would Satanists just "coincidentally" dump the bodies near where Scott happened to be fishing, that day?

"There was a brown van, in the area" - yeah, UPS delivers EVERYWHERE.

They're also planning to trash Amber Frey's reputation. After seeing Scott, on the news, she volontarily went to the police and told them that she had been having an affair with this bozo. She cooperated, with them and let them put a tap on her phone. Scott was calling her, for a couple of months, after Laci disappeared.

Maybe Scott can team up with O.J., to look for both of the "real killers". Scott likes to hang out on golf courses, too.

BTW: WHO did the makeover on Amber Frey? She looks like a blonde Paula Jones, now.
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