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Laci Peterson

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I kinda thought her husband did it! You?
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Yes I do think he did it! Its so sad! He is obviously a very evil man and hope he gets what he deserves! JMO!
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JMO me too!!!That poor family.
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He really does appear to be guilty.
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I watched the whole press conference. They arrested him BEFORE the DNA and positive ID was made. It looks pretty suspicious, that he was in San Diego and not to visit his parents. Do you suppose that he was making a run for the border?
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What a sad story. Although it's tragic, I'm glad that her family can put her and her son to rest.

It seemed to me that the husband was always the main suspect, although the police didn't say it. I'm glad that there has been closure to this case, and that the person who seems to be responsible will be brought to justice.
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I always thought that it was probably the husband.
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I haven't this story very much, but I thought she was pregnant at the time of her disappearance. From what I've heard and read, they found the remains of an infant. So, did she give birth or did "he" remove the baby? Anyone know?
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Looks like the police think he's guilty, too.
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The baby is a match, for both of them so it is definitely the right one.

Most murdered women are killed by the person, that they're closest to. The husband or boyfriend is always the first person, that they look at.
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I guess supposedly from what hubby heard on the news, that when the body starts to decompose, it lets out gases, which would have made her body give birth to the baby. It was on MSNBC & they had a forensic expert on.
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I have been keeping close watch on this case. Along with numerous others. CourtTv is one of my favorite channels, and I absolutely looove crime investigation. Craig keeps saying I should make it a career, and I've seriously thought about it.

Laci was such a beautiful lady, and it really freaked me out that Modesto isn't at all far from where I live. I had a feeling that Scott Peterson was indeed guilty. Think about it.

1) With-in 2 months of her disappearing he sold her car.

2) He bought himself a new vehichle.

3) He was attempting to sell their house.

4) He led his own 'search' party down to LA to hand out flyers while the police investigation was searching in the Berkeley Marina. This is the place he said he was at all day on the day she went missing. It is also 3 miles from where the bodies of her and her unborn child were found.

5) On television interviews about his wife and how he felt he didn't shed a single tear.

6) He indeed carried on an affair with another woman while he was married to Laci. This affair carried on up until the date or right before the date Laci disappeared.

All I have to say is...

I have next to zero doubt that he did it. If he is found guilty, then I would definitely cheer them on while they pulled for a death sentence.
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I have always thought it was the lady Scott Peterson cheated with who did it so she could have him all to herself.???? I agree, Laci was very beautiful and such a sad thing to happen..
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That is such a sad story and I'm (well I wouldn't say happy but) that in Cali they have the death penalty. It was an extremely selfish act, that he apparently had NO remorse over. I have been praying for the souls of the mom+son, and for their families. I can't even image the horrible pain. Bless them.
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I am not against the death penalty,and I hope thos man is put to death! It is bad enough he killed Laci,but the baby!!
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He's being charged, with special circumstance, i.e.: multiple murder. The death penalty option is on the table. There is, obviously more evidence, since he was arrested BEFORE the IDs were positive.

He remonds me os Susan Smith, the woman who drove her car into a lake, with her two little boys inside. SHE never shed a tear, either.
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Well, I do believe in innocent until proven guilty, but I would be very, very surprised to find out that someone else did it. His behavior has been very suspicious! As for the crying, however, when my grandfather died last year, my grandmother did not shed a tear in public. We knew that she would cry and cry in private, but in public, her eyes were dry. So you can't judge on that, everyone reacts to these things differently.

As for the mistress, she has come forward and said publicly that she was having an affair with him, but she did NOT know he was married, she didn't find out until she saw the reports about Laci's disappearance on tv. Maybe she's telling the truth, maybe not, but if you had something to do with it, why come forward? Why not just move out of state?

I do hope, that if he's found guilty, that they give him the death sentence.
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Ah, but what death sentence could he be given that would match the magnitude of his crime? Hmm, he likes to combine murder and boating, why not tie him behind his boat and let him be chum for sharks?

There is so much circumstantial evidence against him. Let's not forget the quarter million dollar life insurance policy he took out on her just weeks before she disappeared...
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I like that! Lets tie him behind the boat and drag him out just far enough so the sharkes come!!
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Oh Yeah... one more thing.

Did you guys know that 2 of his x-girlfriends went missing back before he was married to Lacy. They were never found from what I understand, and nothing was able to be pinned on him.

What a POS.
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He's looking more and more guilty. In addition to the lightened hair and newly-grown goatee, he had $10,000 and his brother's ID, when he was arrested.
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Life insurance policies, other missing women

I wonder how he will be treated in prison? I had a guy whom worked for me that had just got out of prison like a month before, and he said that abusers of women got abused in jail by other inmates if they found out y u where there. I don't know how true that is, nor do I wish hurt on anyone, BUT if ever there was an instance where it wouldn't be so bad...........

Also how about that couple, both dentists, where the wife hired a private eye to watch her husband because she supected he was cheating. Then one day she herself went to hotel where they were married in and surprise, he was walking out hand in hand with another woman. So in her $70,000 Mercedes, with her step daughter riding shotgun, she ran him over 3 times. The crazy thing is the private she hired was videoing the whole thing.How destructive to the child, seeing her father killed like that. Anyway, I think she got a light sentence, due to her $$$$$ and fancy lawyers, I don't know exactly what it was. but it wasn't the girl running her over soooo???
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An interesting point was made, yesterday: Scott Petersen is being charged with murdering the baby. In this instance, the law is recognizing that the baby is a PERSON.

If Laci Petersen had had an abortion, though, SHE would not have been charged with murder because, under THAT law, the baby is a "fetus", NOT a person.

Which is it - a "person" or a "fetus"? It seems as if lawmakers are talking out of both sides of their mouths, here.
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I don't know the laws in California, but I would guess it has to do with how far along she was. Had the baby been delivered it could have lived on it's own, albeit with some difficulty. Most states do have some sort of "late term abortion" law on the books which defines how far along you can be and still have an abortion. Perhaps they are using that law to define the unborn child as a "person" and not just a "fetus".
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i am in California. According to the DA, he might get the death penalty.

i just don't understand one singular thing: who in the RIGHT frame of mind would kill a woman and a child, let alone that woman is your very own spouse? i just don't get it... still!
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His parents sure aren't helping. They're blasting the police department, comparing them to Nazis and making all of these excuses, for his behavior. Nobody, outside of the investigation, knows exactly what evidence, there is.

A simple, "We grieve for the loss of Laci and the baby and we love and support our son" would have been sufficient.

They can't even seem to get their stories straight. His mother contradicted almost everything, that her husband said.
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Originally posted by Cassandra_Starr

Did you guys know that 2 of his x-girlfriends went missing back before he was married to Lacy. They were never found from what I understand, and nothing was able to be pinned on him.
Where was that ever told in the news, because it never said anything about that??
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Originally posted by Tigger
Where was that ever told in the news, because it never said anything about that??
Originally posted by Cassandra_Starr

Did you guys know that 2 of his x-girlfriends went missing back before he was married to Lacy. They were never found from what I understand, and nothing was able to be pinned on him.

I haven't seen or heard anything about old GFs, either and I have MSNBC on, all day and surf several news sites, too.
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When Laci first went missing it was being said that some of his previous girlfriends or women he had previously dated before marrying Laci had also went missing. Let me do some research and see if I can find it.
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Aaah. I misunderstood what was being said.

Another woman who attended school with Scott went missing. Her name was Kristin Denise Smart. The case is still open and they don't know who did it.

Freaky - Kristin and Laci share the same middle name!

Either way, I think he's guilty, and if found so.. I wouldn't cry if he was sentenced death.
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