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Bad Cats!

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Well I've been noticing some problems with Sheeba, which Is the 8 month cat I'm fostering. At first, It was nothing because I went threw It with Rebel. Like jumping on the table, clawing the furniture etc. But thats not all, today i was playing with the kittens and she walked over and picked Moon up by the back of the neck. I thought, motherly instinct? WRONG, she must have been biting to hard or something because Moon was screaming, i had to swat her In the mouth twice to get her to let go. Sure enough, she had a little bit of blood coming out. So I tried stopping the bleeding by applying pressure with a luke warm cloth. What would make her do such a thing? I locked her In the bathroom for about 25mins so I could help Moon. Then when I let her out, she kept following me. I figured Its around 2nd feeding time, maybe she's hungry? I sat the food down and she tried to attack me In the face. Then ran off under the kitchen table? I've had her long enough for her to know me and the other cats. Its like she's having a crazy cat attack (lol). I called the shelter and they said she's just adjusting? Should I contact my vet? I thought rabbies, but the shelter said she's already had all her shots, and I know Its not something from my other cats. Rebel has been sleeping In my office room on my dogs bed (she took over lol, I had to go get another one). Every since It happened the kittens won't leave her. I think they know that Sheeba Is scared of Rebel, then again normally so are the kittens.... and my dog. She Is 100% alpha female In the house, but she's NEVER attacked me or made one of the kittens bleed. What In the heck should I do? To top It off the shelter wants to know by 5pm today If I'll foster a mother cat and her 4 kittens
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Oh goodnes I wouldnt even know how to advise in that situation.
I am just keeping the thread alive so someone can offer some sound advice.

I would separate her in a room by herself for now, in a room where she can be by herself that is calm and relaxing.
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Is she 8 mos old or you have had her 8 mos?
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I've had her a few weeks, she Is 8 months of age. I normally put them In my master bathroom with a litter box. I think its best for over night, because I can not watch them while asleep. Though I afraid she might start crying and scratching the door, but she hadn't last time. But then again It wasn't a long amount of time .
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