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What stands out most...

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I was thinking about this and I got very curious...

What stands out most about your cats' personalities?

Mystyc, my 10 yr old calico:
She is independant, and has an attitude. She stomps when she is angry, she bats at the other cats when she doesn't get her way, she is so cute when she throws little kitty tantrums. I just pull out a string, and she forgets she is angry.

MyRage, my 7 yr old fluffy Torti:
She is dainty, polite, graceful, and very respectful. If I yell at her, her feelings get really hurt. I have to speak sternly to her without raising my voice, and she argues with me. It's pretty cute. She will sometimes come up to me and paw at the air by me so I will pet her.

NyghtShade, my 4 yr old manx,
She is cuddly. She yells at me if I go to bed to late. She whines if I don't give her enough attention. She paws my nose to wake me up so I can hold up the covers to let her under. She sleeps with her little arms stretched out around my neck and her head nuzzled under my chin. She just got done telling me off because I am getting ready for work.

I am curious to hear about your cats

Be safe.
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Sibohan - like her name has a bit of an Irish temper, she barely tolerates the dog, protects me from the dog and if given the choice would only cuddle with me. Although she will give my mom attention when I'm not there.
She has a distinct tortitude and meows at the door to the garage when I leave the house or i'm putting on my shoes to leave the house. She tends to stop on the wood floors when she's anoyed with me. She also has moments of "Kitty Crazies" and has to be in the next room RIGHT NOW! and at 7 or 8 years old she still shows me aspects of her personality that I havn't seen before. She keeps me on my toes.
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We got Butzie 1 year ago June when she was about 2. She had obviously been well-loved and cared for by somewhere else because she made herself right at home.
She is very affectionate and VERY talkative. One odd thing about Butzie is that she doesn't like to be picked up and carried. That seems strange to me given her general level of affections.

Butzie also knows if you are a cat lover. Meowers lives near me and came over to my house. Butzie let her pet her and put up her paws up on her lap.
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Moose is 8 1/2, but thinks he's 8 months. He will jump into any stranger's arms; possibly on their head. He's got more personality than the law allows!
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Zane loves people and hates other cats.
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Well, Tonka is my lazy guy. He spends most of the days in the dresser, sleeping
Duke is the "Door Greeter". He meets everyone at the door and walks them out when they leave

Chole is the trouble maker! This little girl can tear a whole bedroom to pieces in the matter of an hour! (I know, I've seen her do it)

Smoke, he's a quiet shy, cuddle bug. I have to watch out for him because the others will push him to the side when it's feeding time. Most of the time he's put on the kitchen table and fed because he won't fight back.

Sammy, he's a trip!
He has this constant look of suprise on his face And he's sneaky too! Tonight, at dinner, he was sitting in my lap (as usual) and all of a sudden my lap grew a paw.. He was trying to steal mac n cheese from under the table
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That he's ultra friendly!

He was having such fun last night, we had dozens of people about and as each one showed up he had to go get them to pet him. He works hard to get petted too, to the point of climbing up the epliptical (exercise machine) and dangling off one of the handles to paw at a man who was ignoring him. He got his pets and then darted off to someone who'd pet him somewhere safer, thank goodness. With how clumsy his chunky bum is he'd have fallen off momentarily!
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He’s a sweetiepie who needs his daily dose of snuggles and nose-kisses or he will think something is wrong. His feelings get hurt if he notices that someone takes his place when he was expecting his loving, like in the morning and evening around waking and sleepy-time. He also gets a little embarrassed when he is playing had he misses the shot or his brothers charge by him and snatch the toy. He has to walk away and sulk a bit but in a moment he’ll bend his neck and expose his belly for some more loving.


Has desires to be the big guy but he gets very easily nervous about anything new or noisy. He’s the most athletic but he’ll get doubts even in the middle of a wrestling match that he is winning, half-panic and run away. When we come home, he’s the first to come purring even though he’s the last to sit on your lap. At night he’ll secrectly sneak in a babying session in the bathroom when nobody sees, and then slinks away.


Is the talker. You look at him he’ll say the word, you’ll enter a room he’s napping in and he’ll announce what dream he was having. He’s a big mush and thinks mainly about wet food, face rubs & the birdie. He’s got his routine down, and he’s very relaxed about things until something does not happen the way he thought. Then he’ll talk a little louder for 5 minutes, and goes to continue his nap. You can treat him like a big teddy bear and do things to him, and he’ll just occasionally tell you to stop - as long as you have some goodies for him. A very easy-going guy.
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Dominant, big cat in charge. Loves the power. Vain, self centered, wants you all to herself but very comfortable with strangers and love-pets!

Usually rather meek and shy, but a big lover of cuddles.

Outgoing, likes things on her own terms. Doesn't mind cuddles too much but they sure aren't her favorite.
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Rocko likes to stare. I have NEVER met any cat quite like him. He will come sit next to you and just STARE at you for a very long time. It is very funny. He is a cool cat. Very laid back, which makes it extra cute when he gets frisky and starts running around.

Fiona is one anxious alert cat. She is a spaz. Loves to run and jump and play. Always aware of what is going on around her. Which is why, I think, when she is sleeping she chooses to go in a closet or under a bed because nothing is going on there and she can really sleep.

ReeRee is a whole 'nother story..I would need to write a book!
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She is really shy, but if it is nice and quite she will come out and check everyone out. She LOVES to be pet, but it has to be her idea. You have to wait for her to come to you and she hates to be picked up. When you pick her up she cries and growls, but she never bites or claws. Then when you put her down she looks at you like why did you put me down? SHe is going to be 3 this year and has yet to bite anyone. She will even let my 2 year old neice carry her arround.

She loves her belly rubbed and she likes to play fetch! When she was about 6months old her tail was WAY to long for the rest of her and it would curl up and point forword, but she got it cought in something (still don't know what) and had to get about 5in ampuated It was really sad I cried for days because I still dont know what happened to her poor tail. It looks a normal lenghth though and the fur FINALLY grew back. So now we can't call her stumpy any more haha. She will sit on anyones lap and beg for them to rub her belly. Just a super friendly cat. She also is very food movaited and well kinda tubby. I have her on a dite, but even though she has a few extra lbs on her she plays really hard and is not lazy.

She is also super shy like Belle, but once she knows you she comes out to play. She really likes her ears scrached. She will sit on you for hours aslong as you are rubbing on her ears. She is really clumsy too. Never seen a cat with her balence skills My best friend has her brother and she says he is the same way. Flower talks alot too and wont stop untill you talk back to her. She has an attidue and is sopiled out of her mind. (I spoiling my babies)

Don't know too much about him yet, but he sure does have alot of enegry. He does love to cuddle and has no fear. He took a mad dash for the back door last night when I got back from walking Comet (the pup). He did not make it out (thank goodness), but he is just a brave little boy. He likes to sit on my shoulder and lick my ear and when he cuddles with me he likes to be right up under my neck. He deffently likes me more then he likes Eric. He only purrs when I pet him (Well i like to think he likes me more)
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Freya - She's a chatterbox who always talks back to my husband and hunts folded socks for you in the middle of the night. She can switch from elegant to ridiculous in a nanosecond and loves to help me quilt. She can open doors and always checks on everyone if the house is quiet. She'll actually chat with you and loves to play practical jokes on my husband. (you can watch her sneak up on him while he's sleeping and she'll look so mischevious. She'll put her face right up to his nose and meow at the top of her lungs. I still die laughing when I see her do it )

Cotton - He's a big darling lug. He can sprawl so extensively that he blocks the stairs. He sleeps on his back like a big kitten, hangs upside down on the stairs and warms his belly at the furnace grates whenever he hears the furnace come on in the winter. He loves to nap with you and needs to make sure he and my husband have man-time at least twice a week - they sit on the couch (taking up the whole couch between them)and watch sports. Oh, and he likes to help you play video games.
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Loki - 6months
He's my baby; whenever I get up in the morning or come home from work/school, he's always there to greet me, meowing at me to pick him up. He loves to be held, and in the mornings will jump up in my lap and make himself comfortable. I've started getting up earlier to make time for his love sessions He'll also follow me around and keep me company while I fix my hair and get ready. He also sits with me in the kitchen whenever I'm cooking something. He's very laid back, and loves it lay in windows. But, watch out when he gets the crazies! He tends to like to climb curtains and attack feet whenever he gets too hyped up. Loki also loves to watch us play video games... especially when my boyfriend plays Dynasty Warriors 6

Felix - 5 and 1/2 months
My big orange boy! He already weighs more than Loki... and can be somewhat of a bully. Whenever they wrestle he's always the one on top, throwing down. That, and he's a greedy food monger. If you let him get too close he will sure enough steal some eats from right under your nose! We like to joke that he'd eat your face if there was food on it But he is the sweetest lovable kitty. He purrs LOUD like a motor boat and loves to cuddle and get belly rubs. He's my snuggle buddy And he's also a good mommy to our youngest kitten; giving him baths and teaching him how to play... it's the sweetest thing He's also my talker, but his voice is so high pitched that sometimes all that comes out is a squeak! It's so hilarious to see this cat with such a big bad attitude and then when he opens his mouth out comes a tiny little voice Sometimes he doesn't make any sounds at all Nonetheless, his voice has earned him the names Mr Squeaks, Little Squeak, and Sir Squeakerton

Little Cat (no official name yet) 8 weeks
We're still getting acquainted with this little cutie, only having had him for 2 weeks now. He is very well behaved despite his young age. He's used the litter box since he got here, and the only "bad" thing he does is play with wires every now and then. He's still a little shy, but will come up to me and my boyfriend for pets. He purrs and talks to us while we love on him. Other than that he's quiet. He spends most of his time running around and playing in the kitchen, and often Felix will join him, and sometimes Loki will too. He likes to watch us play computer games. He'll come up and sit by the monitor an just stare intently... it's cute
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Sunny is my little orange shadow. He follows me around all day/every day. I can't go to the bathroom without him pawing at the door and yelling to come in. When I'm loading/unloading the dishwasher - he's in the dishwasher. When I'm cooking, I'm tripping or leaning over him to get to the stove. When I'm sorting laundry - he's in the laundry basket. When I'm studying - he's laying on my books or trying to carry off my papers. When I'm taking a shower - he's on the edge of the tub supervising. You could say that he's a bit of a micro-manager

He's my little orange ball of fury. He loves to play. He runs 90mph through all the rooms of the house with his toy and doesn't stop until I play with him. He's also very vocal. Whenever I talk to him - he answers. The way he answers it seems like he knows what I'm saying He answers real sassy when he's mad at me (usually because he's in trouble for staring too hard at Tikibird) because I've taken away his most favorite toy.

I'm so lucky
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Linus is a joker, he is always up to something..Even when he is doing something he knows he is not suppose to he will push it as far as he can. He never walks anywhere he's always travels everywhere as fast as he can. I think because he spent the better part of a year in the shelter he is making up for lost time..

Pixie is a mother hen. She has to know what everyone in the house is up to all the time. She has very pretty expressive eyes. She was brought into the shelter badly hurt and even though she was abused she still loves people..

Sassy is a cuddle bug who is totally devoted to me. Wherever I am he is always close by. He keeps Pixie and Linus in line much like parent watches out for their kids.
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