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Samson update

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Hi Everyone!

Well I wanted to let you all know that Samson is doing *so* much better

As you know, he was hospitalized on 9-4-08 and sent home on 9-6-08. I have been back to the clinic numerous times, but each time I went, it happened that the vet in question was not there and the other two don't know why she sent Samson home early.

He had 5 different meds to take, Amoxil, Denamarin (liver supplement); Ursodiol (specially compounded for him); Metronidazole and Famotidine.

He's still taking the Amoxil, Ursodiol (to clear up the sludge in his stomach and pancreas) and the Denamarin.

Anyhow when I brought him home, he was *not* eating on his own so I had to assist feed him. The vet gave me this "giant" syringe so feeding him went a lot more smoothly. But giving him all his meds .... oh my ... that was *so* stressful on both of us. Poor lil Samson, having to put up with my clumsiness as I was not very experienced in giving a kitty pills. I had read on the boards about the "pill pockets" and would have loved that, but with him not eating it was not a good option. But, the good news is that I have become *much* more comfortable in using the pill gun and that has been going so very much more smoothly

Anyhow I had to feed him a tablespoon's worth every hour and some nights I didn't get to bed till 1:30 in the morning just to make sure he was getting enough food and I would be up early every morning, so I was pretty exhausted. By the Tuesday, the 9th, he was did not seem to be getting any better and I was so scared I was going to lose him. There were a lot of tears and many many prayers said for him. Well Our Lord was kind, the next evening, for the first time, Samson was *not* repelled by the smell of food and actually ate a little bit on his own! I was *so* thankful!!!!

He has been eating on his own since, but, and here's the funny part, he will not eat off of a plate, only on a paper towel. The vet had a good laugh over that one. You see, what I had been doing was assist feeding him with the syringe but also putting a little food down on a paper towel in the hopes he would eat it and now he doesn't want it any other way so we will have to work on that

I believe he is well on the road to recovery, although since last Friday, his appetite seems to have gone down a little and there are times here and there where I still have to assist feed him.

But thankfully, he has put on some weight. He's still not where I would like him to be, but compared to where he was, which was almost skeletal, he's doing much much better He's also much more alert and playful! I still have to bring him back to the vet for a follow-up, although I've been back there a number of times and they said for me to wait a couple more weeks before bringing him back in.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your support, encouragement, loving vibes and most of all for your prayers. I am very very grateful and so is Samson! Never underestimate the power of prayer, because they are heard and answered!
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I'm very happy to hear that Samson seems so much better. I'll keep praying that the good recovery continues...
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Glad to hear your cat is doing better. I hope the improvement continues.
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