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A couple of weeks before Goldy had her babies I switched the litter to a regular clay type. I had read in several sources that cats sometimes choose the littebox to have their kittens and that they might not lick them clean if clumping litter is stuck to them. I made the change one box every few days and the cats didn't seem to have any objections.

The kittens are almost 4 weeks old now and I put a small litter box next to each of the big litter boxes to start their training. Unfortunately, I ran out of the regular litter and ended up filling the little pans with the clumping type. Then I noticed that the big cats were trying to squeeze into the little bitty pans. I shifted things around and put the regular litter in the small pans and filled one of the big litter boxes with the clumping type.

Would you believe every single one of my cats has been using that box, and that box only! Not even leaving footprints in the the other litter.

So far the kittens haven't done anything in their litterboxes except try to eat the litter.