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PenPal Club Members Please read...

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With the help of my Mom, I have picked the names! Instead of PMing you the addy, it will be easier for me to email them to you. I am heading off to do that right now...so please check your email! Since this is Easter weekend, no one is expected to send their penpal a letter immediately. But please don't keep those anxious people waiting too long!
If you have any questions regarding your penpal, please email me...don't post it on here or you'll ruin the fun!

Just remember...this is supposed to be fun! Please post that you've received your letter and all the juicy details!LOL!

Once again, email me if you have a problem or any questions.
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I've been checking, I guess it takes more time than I thought! LOL I'm so excited!
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Can't wait to send my letter!
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Boy...I just got done sending everyone emails! Jeesh...that was hard work! If I happened to miss you (I don't think I did...but ya never know!)...PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!
Thank you everyone who is participating! If you feel that you can not do this, please let me know right away so I can make arrangements.
Have fun everyone....can't wait to hear about the letters!
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I got mine Shell, THanks!!!

My penpal......you will get some mail shortly
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Hi Shell,

I got mine all safe and sound! I don't know about the rest of the ppl here that are joined up, but here in Canada, the post office isn't open til Tuesday now, so it could be a couple of weeks before my penpal gets his/hers. Just so you all know....

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Got mine too Shell. Thanks for doing this!!
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Got it triy and get it out after Eater Monday as mail dont go tell tue. Happy Easter all.
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got mine!
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Does the person you have have you as well? Or does everyone have a different person than the one who has you? Does that question even make sense??
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Hey, what am I missing? this sounds like fun!!! tell me more!!!

Shell - can you email me or tell me here what is the Pen Pal projejct you're organizing? Can I be in it?!?
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yeah whats the penpal club thing about? id like to know more.
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Here is a link to the original thread on this: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...hlight=pen+pal

Also if you would like to be part of this, I can still pencil you in. There are people who would like more penpals, so please email me at michendorf@yahoo.com ASAP!

You will receive a letter from someone and you will send your letter to someone else. When you get your letter, you should write back to them. So, it really would be 2 letters you'll be writing instead of one. Plus, it will be a surprise on who you'll receive the letter from! Does that make any sense?
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Makes sense Shell! Thanks!
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I'm looking forward to hearing from my pen pal!
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I plan on working on mine tomorrow! Hopefully it will get in the mail no later than Thursday!! Hope who ever gets my letter will be pleasantly surprised!
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Mine won't go out until Thursday - but I have a nice little surprise inside for my penpal
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