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Missing epileptic cat

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I have 4 cats:

3 indoor outdoor
1 indoor only

The indoor cat, Boni has a seizure disorder and never leaves the house. Her vision is not good either. I am out of the country for a week for work and have a pet sitter. She has lost the cat. She has no idea where she is. She has been leaving (who knows why) the door open and the cat has been coming and going around the patio.

The cat needs her meds and will seize if she does not. Since I live in the Caribbean she will overheat if she seizes and the rest we can all figure out.

I am enraged as this did NOT need to happen. I am grief stricken with worry. All of my friends are looking for her. I am helpless here.

Please send words of wisdom and prayer.
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Tell her to leave some used litter out and some clothes that smell like home. If she cant see well, she will need some help smellng her way home. At night take a flashlight and shine around bushes or anything hidden to see if you can see her eyes. Take some chicken or or other smelly food out to try and draw her out. She can also contact a local rescue center to rent a humane trap and try to trap her.

I am so very sorry and will be sending many many positive vibes and prayers her and your way
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Someone said she left to go find a place to die...
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Perhaps she was frightened that you were away, I will pray for you and for her safe return. Never give up.
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I dont think all cats go hide to die, espcially a dependent cat who has vision problems. She would want to remain safe not out in the open where her vulnerability could harm rather than comfort. Some people say cats go off to die, but that is not always the case. I would tend to agree with that with an aoutside independent cat rather than an inside one, espeically.
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exactly..she loved our home...she never tried to sneak out.. Sometimes her friend Alfred, my other cat would push the screen out if I did not let him out fast enough and she never followed him..something wrong happened here..and I doubt I will ever find out..
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KRZ, I travel a lot so my pets are used to me coming and going ...I have no idea what happened, why she left, where she's completely a mystery and a sad one at that..I am drained..
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I will keep thinking and praying for you and for the safe return of Boni. I can understand how badly you feel, but don't give up, miracles happen!!
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My property manager and I talked. She did not run off to die. He saw her 24 hours before she disappeared. She was healthy and happy. She was afraid to leave my house as she could not see well. She has not left my house in 7 months.

Something bad happened and I may never know the truth. We believe the house sitters are lying. They may have left her outside and she got scared and left the yard or something worse. I am sick with grief.
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OH my!

I am so sorry to hear what has happened!

But how does the sitter know she ran out?

Could it be possible that is got scared and is hiding somewhere in your home? I know I have a small apartment and my kitten still finds ways to hide. I remember searching for HOURS in my tiny apartment trying to find my kitten! Cats are VERY good at hiding.

I hope your cat is found safe and sound and you have a happy ending.
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my house is tiny..5 people searched everywhere. She has been gone over 24 hours and needs her meds. She would never hide like this. It's a sad mystery..I have not slept so will try and nap..thanks all..I am beyond devastated..I feel she is in spirit now..
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That is so sad. Not knowing is even worse as you can't have closure. I will pray that you find her one way or the other.

Have you used these house sitters before? Why would they not be trustworthy? I might check the local shelters (and take a picture) and the local vets. IF the sitters took her to a shelter and dumped her, they might have her or know if she has been put down. The sitters could have told them she was very sick.

But at least you would have closure.
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If she is not in the house then she is likely to be *very* nearby. Indoor cats almost never go far out of fear. They tend to hide very close to the house. Is the pet sitter leaving food out? They should be leaving out the most stinky strong smelling cat food they can find (probably fish flavoured). I also agree that you should borrow traps. The housesitter should completely search the area.

I hope you find her soon
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She likely close by and scared. Make sure you mark her territory for her by putting out her toys and some litter droppings. Put out her favorite stinky wet food.

Hope she comes home.
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I am so sorry you are having to deal with this--especially being so far away. I know you must feel so awful and helpless. I'm sending vibes your way

But here is an idea for you: go to and register your lost pet. I never heard of this before, but a week or so ago my phone rang and the caller id said ''. I answered the phone and it was a recording informing me that one of my neighbors had lost their pet parrot-it gave a description of the parrot, where it was last seen, and gave the phone# of the owner to call if I had any info. I talked to my neighbor and she said that they received scores of phone calls of 'sightings' and finally got a call that he was in another neighbors yard several blocks away, where she eventually recovered him. So do not give up hope! Get your whole neighborhood involved in the search. ANd remember that cats are survivors. Here are some more vibes
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