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I have always wanted to be a nature photographer. Somewhere tropical, rain forresty. (yes, I invent words as a write) Dont know if I could deal with the big A** bugs though, not a bug fan, at least not ones that are big enough that they require a zip code.
Other than that, a writer, I am the struggling artist type, lol. I have wanted to write a childrens book for some time now, but I really want to write a novel. Maybe it will happen.
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I wanted to be a vet. I am not a vet. I'm an engineering tech, & at the beginning of my career of counseling. I decided not to be a vet when I realized that it requires the ability to emotionally separate from the animals. I could never look at a young healthy animal & put it down because the owner just didn't want it anymore. Heck I'm not sure I could put down an old sick animal. Not to mention the responsibility of putting an animal under for surgery. Yeah, I'm just not cut out to be a vet.
Same with me. I wanted to be a vet from the time I was 4. Then I too realized I would be way too attached to the animals and would cry whenever one needed to be put down. Just reading stories in the Rainbow Bridge forum get to me!

Now I'm a lab technician at an environmental chemistry lab.
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I never really aspired to be anything when I was a kid. I was too busy trying to be a kid until about age 12 years.

When I was a teenager I wanted to be a nuclear physicist, but found out that I sucked in physics!!

I'm currently a nurse, but what I really aspire to be is a paid artist or a gallery owner.
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I wanted to be an author and a photographer. I dont really have an imagination so I havent made any progress in the writing department, but I have had a few pictures published in magazines. Its just a hobby though, I havent really figured out what I want to do. I'd have liked to be a vet tech but I could never put an animal to sleep, and I cant deal with debt so spending 100k in college and then spending the next 15 years trying to pay it off, never gonna happen.
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I've always wanted to be a train engineer. The power & noise of the big freight trains has always fascinated me, but then again, I was never a normal little girl!
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