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Questionable People!

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I'm really not liking rescue centers! Ok, so when you go to foster you fill out an application as you would to adopt. Well I'm fostering my 2nd kitty. I have 5 cats In the house, 3 kittens, Rebel and the foster kitty. Clearly, I'm fostering CATS. Today I just got a phone call from the shelter asking me how everything was going with the foster cat, and then she asked If I was Interested In fostering a 2nd. There shelter Is getting to full, and I was like sure, why not? Anything to help, we were talking for about 20mins, I thought nothing other than Its another cat? I checked the CAT box on the foster application. Not that I dislike dogs, I do have a dog myself, but my landlords GF tries to pull out some crap on her. I'm better with the cats, because I get no grief about how many I have blah and blah. Plus wouldn't you say off the bat If It was indeed a dog NO!! She thought not to, so I go what kind of cat Is It, hold old etc. Then she tells me Its a 5yr.old Mastiff/Rott mix?? Thats a big kitty. I'm sorry, but do they just randomly call foster parents trying to hand off there animals!? Then I tell her, I did not want to foster cats and I told them that. She then tells me they don't normally pick foster homes that won't do both species? Since when? Some people just can't have dogs, maybe I'm allergic but loves cats? Or don't have room, not only that he's a BIG dog, mastiff, come on now! Then she asks can I take In a mother cat and her 4 kittens, I was about to say "Depends can I come over and smack you In the back of the head?". Last time I did the kitten roll, I ended up bottle feeding. I told her I'd get back to her before 5pm today (when they close). They just don't seem all there with there program? I told her no dogs, just cats, and i explained why, my landlord and his GF give me problems about one. Let alone a few coming and going all the time. The cats are fine as long as the neighbors don't complain about them outside. Which they don't, though I have considered an enclosure, If I do indeed buy the house from them. They only have like 4 workers, how does word not spread? Plus If she's the one making the phone calls don't you think she'd be the first to tell? I just had to rant about her lack of intelligence, and telling me I shouldn't be a foster parent because i won't foster dogs! Very rude shelter people !
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You know to give them the benefit of the doubt. Would you rather try your hand at being sneaky and seeing maybe if they saw it they will take it gamble. Or would you just rather euthanize an animal?

We are full at our shelter love's love's loves our volunteers/fosters. But even the shelter KNOWS I do not foster and I refuse to. Still they try and pawn an animal for foster on me every single day.

You just have to take it with a grain of salt. You may foster but you don't have to euthanize them. It's a hard job.
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I have 5 cats and they still try to talk me into fostering when we are stuck - I just tell them no.
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hmm weird , i can see both points , but maybe they should of said, look we know u would prefer to foster cats alone BUT we are getting cramped and we would be appriciative if you could take on a dog?

Some thing like that!
Jess x
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This summer I originally agree to foster 2 kittens. Then it became 4. Then 5..And then they passed a bottle baby on me, then ANOTHER bottle baby!!

I don't think its wrong of you to not foster a dog, but be able to foster cats. I cannot foster a dog. I have 11 dogs, and dogs are a lot of work. And there is now way I could introduce a foster dog to my pack. And we can't have puppies anymore due to a parvo issue we have.

But I CAN foster cats.
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Originally Posted by junior_j View Post
hmm weird , i can see both points , but maybe they should of said, look we know u would prefer to foster cats alone BUT we are getting cramped and we would be appriciative if you could take on a dog?

Some thing like that!
Jess x
I guess I can see both sides, too. Maybe they are just so desperate and a big dog is hard to place. I agree that the woman needs a lesson in tact.
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Just do the best you can. You seem to be doing such. Good for you.
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Yeah I could see them needing help, but telling me I shouldn't foster lol. Umm... Bite me? I'd love to foster dogs IF my landlord wasn't a $(#)*%. I've been debating to buy the house from them, which he constantly pokes at me, mostly because he's In debt and needs the cash. Since the house is already paid off, so he'd be pocketing the money. But I'm considering a larger house, I've been debating on building an enclosure for them. The yard I have In the back is fenced, but I'm worried they will squeeze threw It or find a whole. Its just normal kennel fencing. Or knowing my luck they would jump It . I just think Its funny how people can just switch like a blade. One moment she's all nice and gushy and the next Its like were In a street fight!? Personally I don't go to there shelter other than to pick up a foster animal. When I fostered the other male kitty from them, he was actually already placed In a home, I just had to basically "baby sit" until they arranged transportation. Seeings how they were 2 states away. Yet I still had him for around 2 1/2-3 weeks. That and most shelters I've talked to won't allow out of state adoptions, due to home visits etc. That itself could mean there a little on the desperate side. Which I understand, but I have every right to refuse a foster animal. Its a binding term on THERE foster contraction. Then the girl says I shouldn't foster and be a B!^&# to me, that Is going to really motivate me to reconsider lol.
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Well, you are a good person for fostering the cats. Don't let the girl get to you. Only take in what you can handle and don't let them give you a guilt trip.
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People always give me the guilt trip . I think they know I full fast for it. **sigh**
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That's why they do it. They know you'll fold.

Their goal is to get every last bit of 'worth' out of you, fostering whatever you possibly can. But especially when you're fostering cats, saying that not fostering dogs makes you unsuitable? Um... what if you are fostering a cat because it's afraid of dogs... or EVERYTHING. Wouldn't they prefer the cat get over it's issues in a controlled manner and go to a good home? Maybe. Some of them.
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yeah that sounds like a pushy person. i can understand utilizing whatever a foster parent offers, but to make unjust remarks just sucks.

I know i would flat refuse to foster a dog. I have no yard, and I can't even imagine putting a dog in here with these cats. even a tiny one.

Some people really shouldn't be in a position like that. I understand they probably foster a lot more because of that pushiness but how many people stop fostering for them because of it? hmmm...
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Well I called earlier about fostering and said I'd do It. I'm going to pick them up after work tomorrow, but I'm worried they might try the bull crap again. So I told the lady to have her and the kittens ready with the form when I arrive. No run arounds, If she's not crated and papers ready, I'm not fostering her. I love to cats but the shelter could do A LOT better In personal satisfaction, there just rude! With no reason.
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Originally Posted by HomeLess View Post
People always give me the guilt trip . I think they know I full fast for it. **sigh**

It's a two way have to take it from them; that's the way they get the satisfaction from giving guilt trips out. If you don't let their attitude effect you, they don't get that satisfaction and they treat you a bit better.

Give them a set limit depending on your housing space, and stick with it! Don't cave, no matter how sappy they get...I know it's a tough choice, especially if they might not be able to find another foster family, but you can't lose your home either (especially if your landlord ever has second thoughts about the cats), over foster kitties. There is also probably a city limit on pets in your town, so you might need to find out how many you really can have at any given time too. The shelter "should" actually already know this limit for the area...
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