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Gardeners...wintering bulbs?

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For those of you that pluck your bulbs for the winter, I need tips! I've never done it before. I've googled it (and am doing it again right now) but I want to make sure I dont end up killing the bulbs. Its supposed to get down to 29 tonight (BRRR!) I've got Glads and Dahliahs. They're still blooming and the leaves are green so Im going to wait until the first frost to pull them (which will probably be tonight) I plan on drying the Glads and then putting them in nylons in the basement. I'd be interested in your methods of storing Dahlias, I've read a few different ways, from storing them in peat moss to wrapping each one in plastic. Thanks in advance!!
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We planted some dahlia tubers for the first time this year. I plan on following the instructions from the place I bought them:


If you hit "back" at the bottom of the page there is more info.
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I would never store any bulbs in plastic!!

With the glads, I would cut the stem but leave about 3-4" attached to the bulb.
Lay them on newspaper in a dry spot-like on the garage floor or you lay them outside but bring them in at night. When the stalk is dry you can break off.
Glad bulbs are prone to thrips so you should be able to find some "bulb dust" that you can sprinkle on the bulbs. I store mine in a paper grocery bag or if you have lots and want to sort my color-several bags. The husks of the bulbs should be papery dry though. In the early spring you can remove this "husk" from the actual corms.

For dahlia tubers cut off the stem attached to the tuber and I leave to dry a few days to get the soil to fall off. You can divide them at this time too.
I store them in slightly moistened peat moss checking them about every 4-6 weeks to make sure they aren't rotting or drying to a crisp. They should be kept at the same firmness that they are when you dig them out.
I have 4 o'clock tubers to store this winter and I will be doing so in an old wash tub in my root cellar. They should be kept in a cool, dry, dark area.
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