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Fish food as cat snacks?

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Hi everyone, been a while since I have been around.
I am staying with my folks, they have a pond with goldfish. Is it OK to give the cat some of the fish pellets as a snack? I gave her a few yesterday without thinking it may be bad for her, (I know, bad on me) she just loved them! 2 of the brands they have are specificaly for goldfish, and one is just a basic pond fish pellet. Thanks much for any help!
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I would not give fish food as 99.9% are chemically preserved and also contain things cats should not have ...
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once upon a time Nigel got ontop of the fish tank where there was a closed pot of fish food for tropical fish.
He nocked it to the floor and continued playing with it until the lid fell off and proceeded to eat most of its contents.
He absolutly loved the stuff, but I have kept it locked away in a cupboard from now on.
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I will not give her any more, poor kitty cat, lol. (like she doesn't have enough actual cat snacks) She walks by where the fish food is (was, we have moved it) and looks up at me looking so pathetic with soooo sad meows.
She has not met the actual fish, they just got moved to my folks other house into a big giganto pond. The posh suite for fish! We do have frogs, 6 of them in one teeny little pond, there were 9 of them, but, nature happens. they are just so cute!
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My cats lovee fish food. So much that I have to keep it in the fridge or they'll carry it off and devour most of it. There's not really harm in it though if your fish food is of good quality, the main ingredient is fish or shrimp usually.
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I probably wouldn't. But of course the cats love what isnt good for them!
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