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My first feral kitten

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Our Cats Protection is full of ferals at the moment, we've found a colony and are working on getting them TNRd. The kittens however are being brought in to be socialised, there are quite a few ranging from a couple of weeks to the one I've got which is about 12 weeks old. I got her on Tuesday and was told she might not be able to be tamed, apparently we don't usually take feral kittens that are as old as her, they usually just get released after being neutered. Anyway, she hid under the bed on Tuesday and hardly ate anything, I went in to check on her yesterday morning and she'd pooed on the bed... I came to the conclusion that it was time to crate her! Eventually we managed to get her in the crate, she spent the day sitting in her litter tray, mewing and looking miserable. This morning I went into see her and (wq233333z\\jw3 - Emmy just walked over the keyboard :P) she actually walked over to where I was sitting so I opened the door and let her smell my hand, the next thing I know I'm being headbutted and purred at, she's rolling around on the floor and I've even held her on my knee! She's very skittish and hisses a lot so I have to move very slowly but I'm so happy that she's coming round to me, I feel like I've one a prize or something. I was so worried that she was going to have to be released back into the 'wild'. Oh and she's also been using the litter tray, another great thing!

(We're not sure if she is a girl yet, I haven't been able to get a good look at her behind).

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Aww what a good looking kitty! Congrats on her coming around to you

I just don't understand how people can say that a feral kitten can't be tamed! I rescued my Toby and Fifi at around 9/10 weeks old and they are the most affectionate cats anyone can have. Had I believed that feral kittens past 8 weeks old can't be tamed, I would of never given Toby and Fifi a chance. I have (had, lol) a 1 year feral that just escaped through my screen window but even she was coming around giving me rubs and head bumps. I believe ANY cat can come around given the time and patience which many people can't handle. Good luck with your kitten Jupeycat!
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I guess maybe we cant help the older ones because we don't have much room, we only have a few fosterers and we don't have our own shelter. It's sad really but at least this little one has the chance of getting a happy home! I'm glad I became a fosterer even though it's hard work, hearing this little one purr has made it all worth while!

It's great your two found a home with you, I've just adopted a former feral kitten, and I adore her. Ferals rock!
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I took in a feral that had a litter of kittens when she was about a year and a half. It took another year and a half of patience but she has turned into such a sweet girl. She loves affection and purrs the minute I reach out to her. It is amazing what love and time can do!! Good luck!
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Look who is no longer feral :

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What a sweetie!! How great that you are going to give her a wonderful life!!
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You should now go and tell your cats organization that 12 week old kittens CAN be tamed! Congrats!
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awww great news she doesnt look very feral does she

very lovely kitten
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Awww so cute! She looks just like my Figaro! Congrats!
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Oh she is soooooooooooo sweet! I'm so glad you took her in to foster her. 8 weeks is still so young - and now you know, it's not too old! Once they're older than 12 weeks, it can be a challenge if they learned to be scared of people from momma, but here at TCS we've had people prove over and over again that cats as old as 2+ years can be socialized. But that's when there's a commitment to keeping the kitty, because that takes too long of a time for just fostering.

What a beautiful little girl - I love her name.

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I can only imagine the joy it brings to turn a feral into such a lovey kitty. =)
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