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do you lose your phone.

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i forgot the cell phone at home, well in fact i dont know where it is for at least a week. which for some reason seems to really annoy the wife and work

told the wife,giving me a cell phone is like putting a leash on her cat, i lock up, and forget how to walk when someone puts a cell phone in my hand.

lol i am sure i will find the phone some time this week,or next or not. Dont really care.

i think in the length of time i have worked here, i have lost or broken 3 pages & 2 phones.

does anyone else, hate cell phones?
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Usually when I misplace my phone I just use my boyfriend's to dial my number so I can hear it ring. After that I just have to follow where the noise is coming from. Usually its in some random spot where I placed it in the process of doing something else. I just hope I don't have it turned onto silent mode before I misplace it! Normally it's only lost for a few hours to a day if I do put it somewhere I cannot find it. I hope you find yours sometime soon!
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OMG I can't live without my phone it's like an extension of me. If I happen to leave it somewhere it's like I forgot my child.
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My phone and my keys...I lose them constantly!
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I hate the @#*% things. My dh insists that I have mine with me all the time ever since I fell when he was at work, but calls his a leash. I know where I would like to keep mine, but it would get tangled in the leash.
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I've only lost my phone once, and I found it within an hour. I used to like having a cell phone, but now it just feels like something I'm obligated to carry around with me, kindof like ID. I do get very unsettled if I don't have it on me. Even if my fiance just borrows it, and puts it in his pocket, expecting a call back, I get kindof anxious.
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YES! I lose my phone ALL the time!! I now have it on a lantis around my neck, and at night I make sure its on my night stand. And I haven't lost it at all! Two other phones of mine I lost completely.

and I also lose my keys..ALL The time! Lol
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I don't lose my phone or my keys, they are either in my purse or on my desk.

Can't live without my phone, I let my BF use mine a few weeks ago when his was being fixed and I felt *wrong* all day, as soon as he finished work he dropped it off to the shelter for me
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I mostly have my cell phone for emergencies, but that doesn't really help when I never carry it The last couple calls on my cell are from my house phone: me calling my cell to find out where the heck I left it
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I love my cell phone, but I very rarely use it. I just need it in case I have an emergency.
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I love my phone, I can't live without it. It's almost like I feel naked without it. Now my car keys on the other hand I loose daily. I'm forever late because I have to search for them before I can leave. You would think I'd learn to leave them in one place when I get home, but I'm always sidetracked and just toss them down wherever I happen to be at the time.
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Not hated them, but for a long time thought it was useless (who would ever really need to use a cell phone???).

Now we rarely leave home without one. We don't text, calculate, take pictures - we use is as a PHONE only. If you are stranded on the road or need to call spouse and see if we need something picked up before coming home, it really does save time and money/gas
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How do you "break a page"? I never heard that language before. Sounds nasty. Is that like when MS Word decides to delete what i just wrote for no reason?
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On occasion & since I put my phone on vibrate it makes it impossible to find. Now I make a habit of putting the cell phone right back in my purse when I'm done.

Several times my old boss want everyone in the dept to give her our cell # for emerg. I was about to give mine when another co-worker told me she called him @ 6 am wanting to know if he'd finished the projects (the ones she should've done a yr but instead pass them along to him) she gave him. The phone call woke him up, his wife who finally put their new born babies back to sleep & the babies. Needless to say I changed my mind.
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I didn't really take to the cell phone at first which is funny because I have always been in the computer field. Then I discovered text messaging. My phone became indispensable.

If I misplaced it, I just called it and found it. I was just eligible for a new phone. Darned if I didn't lose the old phone the day before I picked up the new one. Kept calling it but I didn't find it.

Now the new one, it's got a keyboard for texting. I'm in heaven.
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Once in awhile I misplace my phone, but it's usually my keys .
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I keep mine on silent a lot lately, and usually in my purse. Every now and then I'll forget where I left it and it's on silent, so I calling it doesn't help, because I can't see OR hear it..
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I don't like phones so I don't have a cell phone.
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Like most of the replies I can't live without my phone. I have numerous games on it and is constant amusement on the bus going into Uni. Also my phone has the best camera on it and for my art it's a Godsend.

I have however washed my husbands phone twice in the washing machine. I have also lost about 3 of my phones down the toilet as it's usually always in my back pocket. Learned my lesson now and have a bag which is a new concept for me as I usually just use pockets.

Keys also 5 mins before going to get the kids i can never find them.
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< would die without phone

i spent waaayyyy too much monies on it to lose it!!!!!!!
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I'm always forgetting where I put my cell phone and keys, its like an adventure trying to find them everyday
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For me, the cell phone is freedom: I can go anywhere, anytime, and know that my loved ones can still reach me.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
For me, the cell phone is freedom: I can go anywhere, anytime, and know that my loved ones can still reach me.
lol cell phone=leash, lost of freedom

if it was only familiy and friends that used it, Carol it would be ok,
but work ties me to it,

lol and the bad news is i found it ,, i had put it under the bed mattress.
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I don't actually talk on my cell phone all that much, so I would have thought it wouldn't be a big deal to lose it. I did lose it, though, last November returning from a business trip and it was hell. The thing is, I've got everyone's contact information stored there. I still don't have it all back.
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nope - only have 4 'official' places for the phone - my left front pocket, on the holder next to my recliner, on the bookcase in the bedroom [usually it's being charged if it's there] & just above my head on the headboard [it's also my alarm clock].
don't usually lose the keys, either - they only have a couple of 'official' places, as well.
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yes yes I always have to call my phone with another phone to find it. The other day I lost my phone and I found it in the washing Machine. Crazy. Luckily I had put insurance on it and I forgot to cancel it which I would have done if I remembered. So I got a new one for just $50.
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
nope - only have 4 'official' places for the phone...
What a great idea! I do that with my keys, which hang on the doorknob as soon as I come in... but of course the cell phone should have its official spot, too. Thanks!
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I love my cell phone, but I loose it all the time. I have broken or lost about 7 phones. One I ran over with my car (oops) I think it fell out of the door when I was getting in and I backed over it. If I am not talking on my cell phone then it is most likely lost. I am also really good at loosing the charger to my phone
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I like my cell phone. I have never lost it. Dh has. My Daughter lost hers sliding in the snow. I kept phoning it and she kept digging . It took awhile but we found it.
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Don't lose my cell phone or keys. Now remembering to charge it, that whole other story.

Now everyone expects me to have a Blackberry and be in constant touch in my email. I don't want to be that available but I may have to do it anyway for work.
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