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There is a new recall out on pet foods which I googled. There was a link to the FDA website which listed pet food recalls. I recently bought some Nutro dry that had free pouches with the food at Pet City in OC. looking at the UPC the number did not match, however I peeled it back and it was one of the recalled numbers. I'm almost afraid to feed my babies anything after having lost one to the the recall in March 07!
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I am so sorry about what you went through in March of last year. So many suffered.

This was posted earlier. Is it the same as what you have found?

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many companies did test foods and then re sticker them for sale.. i would recommend calling
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acutally, I googled nutro pet food recall since this is the first time I've fed them this. Here's the linke


My problem is that the original UPC code was taped over with a sticker.
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Please Closely read that and You will get correct date info ... YES I did state it happened that items were relabeled After the recall and once the toxic item was found and foods were tested... IMHO not a great thing to do but ...
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I couldn't find any new recalls on that link. When you click on the brand it has the recall date in 3/2007. This link in the earlier post has a list of the recall. I wish there was a better way to inform the public.

http://www.petcare.mars.com./ Look half way down the page.
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Thank you both for calming me. I'm usually not a reactionary, they are my fur kids
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