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New Puppy???

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So...about 8 weeks before my baby, Sophie got sick, my friend had had some poodle puppies born; I had fallen in love with one of the boy pups...a red male. But because we have a 2 dog limit on our rent agreement, I knew we couldn't get I just passed it off...but now...

Well out of curiosity...I called the lady, just to see if he was still available, or if he was taken yet; and he is still there! So, now I am trying to decide if I am really ready for another dog...and such a young pup so soon...she said I could get him whenever I wanted him, if I want him. Sooooooo...I don't know what to do!!! It sure is lonely around here...
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If you feel you are ready. I am trying to decide whether I should get another dog also. My little pom also named Sophie, was also poisoned last spring. She is in congestive heart failure, She is getting weaker by the day. I know it won't be long.
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You have already fallen in love with him. Go get your new baby and bring him home
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If you have the time and patience to train the puppy, go get him
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I was thinking about getting a puppy as well since my terrier passed away last month, but since I have a senior dog I'm afraid a puppy would take so much of my time. I'm worried I wouldn't give Ginger my senior girl enough attention/time. She's my baby so I want to make sure she always has enough attention especially now that she is 12 years old...
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There is a black lab puppy in the humane society here calling your name!

If you are ready, go get him. You'll know if/when it's the right time.
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Well...I went and saw the baby later this evening, and decided to bring him home with we go, another adventure begins!! Pics tomorrow, I gotta take him out, and then get to bed!
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Ah congratulations! I cant wait to see your new baby.
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Ok, where's the pictures ??????
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Hang on...they're comin!
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