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Rome's show #2

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This weekend Rome shows for his second and last time as a kitten.

His first show was a few weeks ago in Virginia during Tropical Storm Hannah.
Yeah, that was interesting.
He did very well considering the showhall difficulties.

In a few days we go to North Augusta, South Carolina for his 2nd show. I'm hoping for a great show, providing the judges agree with my opinion of this amazing boy.

A few pics of him here on my site, scroll down to Drinkwater Rome of Meridian:
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Oh wow! what a stunning cat!

His rosettas are just perfect (to me anyway) and his head looks great. Just an amazing cat.
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As usual, he's a spectacular looking Bengal
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He is gorgeous! I wish I had known there was to be a show there in North Augusta, my daughter is a photographer for the Augusta newspaper and would have asked to cover it.
I graduated from high school in North Augusta.
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My god what a beautiful cat!!!!!
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I do appreciate the nice comments!

Rome got his bath last night and is looking and smelling good. We hit the road tomorrow.

No hurricanes or tropical storms on the radar and pleasant weather expected, should be a fun comfortable show this time.

I'll try to get some pics.
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Is he the one you consider 100% perfect? He's gorgeous!
If I lived in America I would kidnap him. As it is, I'll have to wait until I can afford the plane tickets from England
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Let us know how Rome did in North Augusta!!
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