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Sneezing: When to Worry?

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Since yesterday evening, I've noticed Albus having sneezing fits. He'll sneeze 5-12 times at a time and he's done it a few times since last night. I don't see any colored discharge. His nose seems a little tiny bit more moist than usual, but not mucus-y. He's otherwise acting fine and I'm not noticing any other symptoms to worry about.

We had some flooding here in the area; not in our house or anything, but our parking lot was flooded and now that the waters have receded, it left behind this dusty silt all over. I'm wondering if maybe that's blowing in the house and he's just allergic. Just from watching him while he's sneezing, it seems like he's trying to get particulates out of his nose, which would lead me to believe it's just the dust in the air. It's not like those sneezes they get when they're really sick where you can see it coming from their chest.

But, I want to be sure, so at what point should I start thinking about taking him to the vet?
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IMO, if and when you see discharge from the nose, opaque, yellow or green, that indicates bacterial/viral infection to varying degrees.
Continued sneezing with no discharge could indicate a nasal obstruction, cyst, tumor, etc. that is causing irritation.

These conditions both warrant a Vet visit to determine the cause and course of action.
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