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itchy skin

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My 4 year old spay female has extremely itchy skin. She also pulled most of the hair out on her hing quarter. My vet has done extensive tests to no avail. She is on a Lamb and Rice diet made by "Lick Your Chops". She recently started a course of .5 mg of Pred to help relieve her itching and of course, it did help. But I don't want to keep her dependent on Pred due to side effects down the road. She has started to wean off of it and the itching has started up again. She seems very uncomfortable.
I recently started adding vitamin E to her food.

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer to treat her holistically.

Thanks everyone for listening.
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Indoor, outdoor, or both? I've never heard of "Lick Your Chops" brand of food. Have you tried slowly changing her diet? Some animals can be allergic to meat, grains, or additives in the food. I'm sure the vet has ruled out allergies to fleas, grass, and shampoo. Please keep us posted as to how your furbaby is doing! I'm sure others may have better suggestions too!
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From where she's itching, it sounds more like a severe flea allergy. When a cat is allergic to flea bites, even just one bite can cause a reaction that lasts for up to a few months.
If she's not on Advantage or Frontline, I would ask the vet about it and apply it once a month. You can also ask your vet about Chlortrimaton, if it is an allergy it's the only drug that's been effective in helping itchy kitty's. It's never a good idea to get the drugs over the counter, which is why I said to ask the vet. They should be able to get you the proper dose.
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Flea allergy was the first thing we thought of. We used Advantage but Mia's condition did not improve. The vet examined some skin scrapings but nothing showed up. I never thought about Chloritrimaton. I will ask her about that. Thank you for that suggestion.

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Mia is an indoor only kitty. Lick Your Chops is a small company that makes an all natural cat food with no preservatives, food colorings, corn, wheat, or additives. Lamb is the protein and brown rice is the carbohydrate. But it is something to consider. I never thought she could be allergic to lamb, but perhaps she is! I have been feeding this to her since she came home with us at 4 months. She was a "shelter" kitty. I do not know what she was eating there. However, she did have ringworm as a very young kitten that the shelter aggressively treated.

Thanks for your reply! I will keep you posted.

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Any update?
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