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Daily feeding 6 cats...?

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There may be an obvious answer to this but Im a little bit stumped, so Im sorry if it sounds silly : )

I've got six cats, they are all at a pretty healthy weight except Nermal, who needs to lose about 5 pounds. The rest could probably stand to lose 6-12oz too. I've always free fed them and I think my only option is to start a two-three times a day feeding program. But how?! I guess Ill have to give them all their own bowls, and measure how much they should be eating each day into their bowl? But cats dont eat that much at a time, how do I only feed them two or three times a day when they're supposed to eat a bit over a cup of food a day. Thanks so much for any advice
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You start gradually, by picking the food up after a couple of hours, then putting it down again after a couple of hours. Work up to feeding them on a schedule. My cats are NOT free fed. They are fed 4 times a day, and in different rooms. Also, I feed some cats only canned, others a combo of canned and dry.
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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