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Cat Using Toilet?

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Our cat is pretty smart and now trained to use the cat box. I have heard you can take it a step further and get the cat to use the toilet. My wife thinks it would turn into a big mess.

Does anyone have experience on that?
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Trust your wife. It takes a lot of work, you actually have to use a large mixing bowl and cat litter inside the toilet bowl for a bit - imagine having to move that when you get up half asleep in the middle of the night.
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There was a member who trained their cat to use a toilet. Not sure if they are still around or if the cat is still doing it.

Friends of ours had 2 Ocicats. They partially trained them. Problem was that the cats would only use the toilet when they were home to watch and praise. The male got UTI and they decided since the cats would not use the toilet when no one was home, it was too they went back to using the litter pan and scooping.

IMO its not worth the time/trouble to train them. If you can't deal with cleaning a litter pan and scooping, then don't own a cat. Its instinct to bury wastes and going on a toilet doesn't give them that opportunity.
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I used the Litter Kwitter to train mine, I did all 3 at the same time and it took them around 8-12 weeks.

That was in January, and so far so good. If they ever decide they'd rather not use the toilet anymore I'll go back to a box.

They still will use a box, I put one down on show mornings to make sure they go before we leave but when I bring them up to mums place they are happy to use her toilet.
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I've thought about the possibility of toilet training our cats but I don't really know where to begin.
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I think you should listen to your wife...

It's very important your cat will use the litter box and not the toilet, because this will allow you to check his wastes when you clean the litter box... your cat's wastes can tell a lot about his health condition (color, worms etc...).
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Oh my gosh, I got the litter quitter as I thought it would be a great idea and we had a spare loo which would be his loo. It was a nightmare! The first phase was fine when he couldn't see into the water but once the little whole where he could see down came into play he was too nervous! He really tried bless him but it scared him and he just couldn't move past it. That was just my experience though! I would also agree with the last post about being aware of stools and urine. It is important to know that your cat is drinking enough and has healthy bowels therefore I feel that a box is better for us. Kitty had a bad tummy recently and although not having to clean out stinky loose stools would be great, it did actually explain why he had been a little subdued for a couple of days which I was glad to know. Good luck if you try it out though
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Just show her where the toilet is. I've found that technique to work in the past with litter boxes so a toilet should be no different. Just set her down on the seat. She will take it from there.
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