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Highland folds

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I saw this ad online for Ragdoll x scottish fold kittens.
The seller says their mother is a ragdoll scottish fold and the father is the flame point ragdoll and sent me their pics too.

Are these kittens considered purebred highland folds?
How are highlands normally bred?

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I'm not a cat breeder by any means, but that sounds like a moggie that looks like a purebred... even if it is how they ended up with a breed name. But I suppose that's how new breeds come about... Still skeptical though.
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sounds like a moggie that looks like a purebred
That's what I was thinking too. $400 is a high pice to pay for a moggie even if it looks like a purebred. Plue I don't think they will agree to do a DNA test for such cat.
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According to CFA standards the only allowable outcrosses with the folds (long or shorthair) are British or American SH's. Before 1976 (when it was closed to outside cats) they used mixed breeds. I'm sure some of them may have been longhairs or persians for the longhair gene to exist in the gene pool.

Highland Folds are just longhair Scottish Folds (some associations separate into two "breeds" - others like CFA have a longhair or shorthair division in the one breed).

In TICA their rules are like CFA - its a division (LH/SH) and allowable outcrosses are British/Americal SH or British LH's.

If this breeder is using another longhair (Ragdoll) the kittens are mixed breed and NOT purebred cats.

As far as I know the pointed Scottish Folds are not allowed as the breeds allowed do not have pointed cats. There is no such thing as a Ragdoll Scottish Fold!
Run from this breeder.
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