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Guess who's better and who came home with us today? (Pics)

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You guessed it - TUXEDO!!!! YAY!!!

He's eating and drinking, and he had a bowel movement yesterday, and HE CAME HOME WITH US TODAY!!!! He went from living outside (through one of the worst NJ winters in a LONG time), to living in a boarding facility, then to the hospital - where he lost over 50% of his body weight. The poor little guy is all skin and bones now, but he's on the mend!!!! (He weighs 5.8 pounds now - he's smaller than Spooky by a few pounds!!!!!)

But he is one happy little camper. We brought him home shortly after noon, and although he passed out a little while ago, he just couldn't get enough pets. He snuggled into Gary and just wouldn't let go. He started purring the moment he put him down on the bed and didn't stop.

Gary's having an attack of conscience... of the five in the original litter that turned up here, we now have four of them as our little furrbabies... Poor Spooky and Tuxedo went through so much... we could have saved them so much fear and change and etc. if we'd just brought them in with Laz and Shel last July. But... we can't turn back the hands of time, and all we can do now is love all over them. Gary's doing a great job of that!

...and I don't know if these pics are good enough to see a comparison - but does this big kitty look like he could curl up in the crook of Gary's arm and partially fit in his hand? He was more than 2 times as big here (long before he got sick):

But he's home, he's happy, he's healthy now, and he's well on the road to recovery and a whole new life.
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Oh congratulations!!!!!! I'm so happy to see that Tuxedo is home with you and getting all the wonderful love from Daddy he needs to get better. And don't second guess yourselves, what you have done is wonderful!!!

Happy day!!!
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yea!!!!!! What a pretty cat!! If i wasn't already over loaded i would have loved ot give him a home
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That's so terrific!!! I'm sure he's thrilled to be home with you and Gary. Sure looks like it from the pictures. Hopefully he'll gain back his weight soon enough, and be no worse for wear. You and Gary are angels, and have some of the luckiest little furballs.
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He's right where he belongs Laurie! I am so happy to see him. He will gain weight soon, just take it slow and don't push him to over-eat.
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I'm glad he is doing better and is back at home with you and Gary!
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I'm so glad that Tuxedo is back home with you! With all the love and spoiling he's gonna get, he'll put the weight back on in no time!
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YAY!!! I'm so happy he's home and getting all the TLC he can possibly handle. That will do as much or more good than the meds at the vets office.
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Awww! I'm so glad... sending "happy, fat kitty" vibes Tuxedo's way!
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Glad he's home, and so is he, I'll bet.
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YIPPIE! congrats on becoming a mommy again! I"m so glad he's getting better! I needed some good news today! that made my day so very much better!
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I'm glad to hear Tuxedo is on the mend!!
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Im soo glad that your little furry one is feeling better.
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Awww Tux is soooo cute. I'm happy he's better and with you guys, I honestly don't think he could find a better home.
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I love happy endings.
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What a beauty (both of them ) I'm so glad he found you and Gary! Thanks for taking such good care of him!
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Lot'o'love and lot'o'fat thought going out. I went to dr. yesterday and I gained 11.5 pounds, he's more than welcome to some or all of that.
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WooHoo! So glad to hear things are turning out for the better, what a sweety!

Sending fatty vibes for Tuxedo!
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That's great news! He is a very pretty cat! I'm sure he'll get better quickly now that he's with you!
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Awwww Happy Endings are the bESt , wEll DONe

Sam and Friends
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Tuxedo is such an incredible kitty! (I know - don't we all feel that way about all our cats? LOL!)

He is completely fearless.

For his intro into our small home, we took him straight into the bedroom. We kicked the other kitties out, and they got the living room/kitchen area. That lasted for maybe four hours? Gary stayed with Tuxedo - who just purred up a storm, soaked up love, played - and explored the ENTIRE place. I stayed out with the other kitties - who didn't really realize there was another cat here yet. It was their general nap time anyway.

We let Shelly meet Tuxedo first. He walked up for a sniff - and then Tuxedo hissed (of course). I was amazed though - he didn't swat or arch his back or put his ears back. Just a hiss. And Shelly backed off. We explained to Laz, Shelly and Spooky that we were bringing their brother home - and that he'd had a really hard life compared to them, and they'd better be nice and understandign about it! (And they are all from the same litter. If anyone predicted that Gary and I would adopt four of five of the original litter that started this all, we would have BOTH thought that was nuts. !!!)

Then we switched rooms - and Laz, Shelly and Spooky and I headed into the bedroom, and Gary and Tuxedo came into the living room. Again, Tuxedo sniffed out the ENTIRE space. At first he hissed at the cat trees (we added one 40" right next to the big one) - but he checked it all out.

We let him spend the night with us in the bedroom without the other kitties. Then Saturday morning, we opened the door. Everybody kept their distance. He hisses when they get too close - but he'll walk right by them, let them walk by... it just couldn't be going better. And this afternoon he passed out on the bed (inside the top of the top to a covered litterbox. We buy the covered litterboxes because the sides are so tall, but we don't use the cover). Lazlo crept up... stuck his head in the hole - and started licking Tuxedo. Tuxedo woke with a start - and then batted Lazlo on the head a few times. But no hiss, no growl, no ears back... and Lazlo pulled his head out but didn't retreat. Tuxedo relaxed and stretched... and Lazlo tried again. And Tuxedo let him give him a big long bath. And passed out during it.

He and Shelly now touch noses when they pass - although Tuxedo will growl or hiss if Shelly doesn't then move along.

And Tuxedo is eating like a ravenous little kitty! He'll put back on that weight fast, I'm sure. We're not doing anything other than just letting him eat when he wants to - and that seems to be just fine.

Spooky is scared of him, and she'll hiss at him before he even gets a chance. He looked so surprised the first time! She just steers clear of him, and that's fine.

For the most part (when not napping), Lazlo and Shelly sit in various places on the cat trees and stare at him. And he seems like he could care less. He is in cat heaven as far as he is concerned.

He lived outside until March, then moved into a 3' by 3' by 7' "condo" - which he was allowed out of maybe 1 - 2 hours a day. So our 35 1/2' long 8' wide home with LOTS of levels in many places must seem like heaven. He romps, he plays - he has so much character!

He is so much like Shelly (the other black and white. We think they must have the same Dad as well as the same mom) - yet more loving, because he loves to be picked up. All Gary has to do is get down near Tuxedo - and he runs over and head-butts him in the forehead! Gary is in heaven, and so is Tuxedo.

Thank you all so, so much for your wonderful thoughts and prayers. !!! I'm sure they've helped!!!! This is truly incredible, and while we can't spend time regretting we didn't do this sooner.... at least he's finally home, where he belongs.

(BTW - our living room now has 6 beds or places for kitties to curl up - and that doesn't include the couch or Gary's sheepskin covered chair. Then there are the now two cat trees, with a combined four platforms and two cubby-holes. In the bedroom there are three tubes creating two levels, with a pillow across the top creating a fourth, one little round condo-thingy (just one level), beds on Gary's and my bedside tables, and we put in a bookshelf stand on Gary's side of the bed that has created on shelf for Gary, and two more cat beds on the two other levels. There's enough room under the bottom shelf for kitties to crawl through, and one short tunnel at the end of the bed. And they still have the cabinets over the bed. So it is CAT CITY in here!!!!)
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Here are two pics:

Shelly watching Tuxedo eat:
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...and Shelly asleep in the tall tree-house, with Tuxedo exploring the little one...
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Cute Cats !!!!!

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Sounds like Tuxedo is making himself right at home! Yay!!! Oh, Laurie - you need to update your signature to have Tuxedo's name in there now too.
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Laurie, that's so wonderful! I was a bit worried considering the reactions when you had 4 in there before (before Munchie found her forever home). Sounds like this was just what was supposed to happen.
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Laurie!!! I am so thrilled to hear Tuxedo is home and doing well!!! I have been wondering about him the past few days since I have not been online! That is such great news!!!!!
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I am so happy he is doing well! He will get better with every day! He reminds me of Merlin, my own little black and white boy!
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Laurie, I missed this thread! Tux looks just like our Checkers-who hated me! That's how I always introduce her. It was so funny to have her come running when I whispered, "This is for Checkers", and blew a piece of meat to cool it. She could hear me all over the house, no matter how softly I whispered. Then, as soon as she ate it, she looked at me with disdain, as if she had sold her soul, and took off like a bat out of a cannon! She was Tux's twin. I'm so glad Tux is home and being spoiled rotten, as he should be! I wondered why I have always been fond of him. Now I know. He's almost a relative! Please tell Gary -and yourself- not to feel guilty. Who would have thought that your RV would house six? I'm so happy Tux is home and getting all the love he needs.
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Awww, Jeanie - we must have got all the loving Checkers was missing stored up in Tuxedo. He's so darn sweet.

...and I have to say, this place is really cat heaven. We have really done everything we can to make as much space for them as possible in all three dimensions. There are toys everywhere (which we constantly rotate to keep them interested). They might not have as much room as they "should," but everybody is getting along (though Spooky is still a little spooked by Tuxedo), there's no more hissing (already!) - and Shelly doesn't seem jealous of Tuxedo! We were really worried about that because of the incredible bond Gary and Tuxedo have - and Shelly is Gary's "baby." I just couldn't be more pleased.

And he's gaining weight so quickly! He is clearly all better, and romps around SO MUCH. ENDLESS energy (to the detriment of our sleep!) He plays by himself just like a little kitty, and he has even joined Lazlo and Shelly in playing "chase" (to Spooky's chagrin!)

We love our "new" little kitty so much!!!

(To those who don't know, Tuxedo is actually a sibling of Lazlo, Shelly and Spooky, but he just came home to live with us....)
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