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An orange tabby found at Great Highway

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Last evening, about 7.30pm, whilst driving en route home from dinner and shopping, my husband spotted an orange tabby on the side of a highway (Great Highway.)

He quickly stopped the car, and i walked over to the kitty, treading slowly and carefully. He was quick to respond to me, and came to me, purring affectionately. i carried him home with me. He was wearing a red collar with a tag that has a name "Sandy" and a telephone no. with a San Francisco area code.

When we got home, i called the no. found on the tag. It was a man who answered the phone. He sound like he is Caucasian. i explained that i found a cat and had called him to return the kitty. He said Sandy was in Hong Kong and will be flying back to San Francisco that evening.

i further inquired how long Sandy has been gone, attempting to gauge how long the kitty has been missing, thinking that Sandy was the kitty's owner. He said Sandy has been gone for a long time. He also added that he was going to have cat food over rice for dinner that evening.

i was really SHOCKED to hear his remarks, and asked him to repeat what he said. He said, "just like you have beef over rice, i am going to have cat over rice this evening for my dinner." i told him what he said was not funny. i told my husband the man on the phone was very odd. i tried to verify the telephone number, in case i got the wrong number. He did not acknowledge the numbers. i said i will try to call again.

It was the same man who picked up the phone. i made several attempts to explain that i found an orange tabby at a highway, and wants to return to the rightful owner. He said Sandy is the cat's name, and he goes over to his house for dinners every evening. He claimed that Sandy leaves the house right after his meals, and come back the next day again. He said to return the cat back to where i found him.

i could not do that, as the cat might be run over by a car. i asked him several times whether he wanted to abandon the cat, and he did not reply.

i told him i will contact the local SPCA or animal control and contact him later.

At home, Sandy reacted to Daisy and Venus negatively. i had to carry Sandy at all times. He hissed at them very fiercely and showed them his claws. i brought Sandy to the bathroom. i fed Sandy with a bowl of wet foods. Also, i placed a litter box, a bowl of dried foods and a bowl of distilled water for him. i gave him three toys to play with, and laid the bathroom floor with sheets.

i checked on Sandy at about 4.20am, and he was fine. i gave him some Pounce's ocean fish and crab treats, and he really enjoyed them. Last evening, i emailed to the lady in charge of fostering at California Siamese Rescue and another friend of mine, who also does fostering at California Siamese Rescue. i have yet to hear from any one of them.

Sandy is very affectionate, and purrs constantly. He is a lap cat (jumped on my lap several times) and thoroughly enjoys petting, stroking, and lots of loving. i feel he will make an excellent household pet.

Here in San Francisco, the local animal control and SPCA work hand in hand. For a kitty like Sandy, they will not put him to sleep, but to find a good home for him. i shall contact them tomorrow, and drive Sandy there. Hopefully, they will contact the rightful owner, and hopefully, they will be able to find Sandy a good home.

Please let me know your thoughts.
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WOW i can't beleave a person would say something that like!! how horrible! Hope everything is okay with the kitty, what a cutie pie!
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Close up pix of Sandy.

(i do not know how to put several pix in one posting.)
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Shirley, I am so glad you found this poor cat. I believe you handled the situation perfectly. I hope the authorities look into this. That was certainly a weird and cruel thing for that man to say. Perhaps the cat's owner is out of town. An investigation is probably the only way of discovering the truth. Thank you for your kindness to this sweet cat. Please keep us informed!
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Sandy is so sweet, he deserves a lot of love.. here is a pix of him with a pom pom toy.

He really likes the pounce's ocean fish and crab treats.. he also gobbled up the wellness and solid gold mix dried foods quite fast.

Sandy is such a cutie pie! He reminded me of Brownie, a cute orange female tabby i once took care of.

You know, Jeanie, i have NEVER come across such remarks before -- to have cat over rice!! It is actually disturbing. i actually questioned why he was thinking, to have come up with such words?????????? i feel quite sad for him. Oh well...

Sandy purrs a lot. i pray to God to take care of this darling.

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I think he has thoroughly won you over, Shirley! Give him time and he'll win over your cats too--if noone finds his real owner.
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He is beautiful -- and looks well-fed and clean. Looks like a keeper to me!

It is very strange though, that someone would go to the extent of getting an ID tag made, with phone number, and then have such an odd attitude when being contacted. Something seems amiss there, definitely.
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Just realized i posted at the wrong site -- must be the inadequate sleep)

i am thinking of Sandy now.

i brought Sandy to the Animal Control yesterday, and Bruce, a helper there, took notes and even called up the no. found on the tag.

Bruce assured me if that man was to pick up Sandy, he will be talking to an officer. Also, he has to pay a fine.

These is the procedures: in five days, they will give the owner a chance to retrieve the kitty. After five days, they will start their evaluations, and to get ready the kitty for adoption. Sandy has a sweet personality, and Bruce said he has no difficulty finding a home at all.

i was given Sandy's control no., and will be calling to follow up on a daily basis. i left him his three toys.

Parting is indeed such sorrow. i pray that God will give Sandy a good home. He is a sweetheart.

Please microchip your kitties, i beseech you who love your kitties.

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i called the Animal Care & Control this morning. They told me that chap on the telephone came to pick him up after four hours.

An officer spoke to him about his remarks to have cat over rice for dinner. He denied it completely, saying it was another man who answered the phone.

i kinda expected him to lie (moments like that, i wish he would be placed under a lie detector test!) A friend called this morning, and Doris said someone like him should not be keeping any cats. i just hope and pray that Sandy is safe and well, and that he will NOT be left wandering on a highway again.

Sandy was sent home with the toys. That man had to pay a fine.

My prayers are with Sandy, and i pray to God to instill kindness in this man's heart.

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I'm joining you in your concern. I hope Animal Control follows up on this case. Sandy deserves the best care possible!
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Maybe it was not the man who answered the phone who picked up Sandy. I cannot imagine going to the lengths of taging the cat, if you did not care for it. By the look of Sandy she looks well fed and you said she was really friendly, like she enjoyed human touch. I do hope the man who picked her up is not the same man you talked to on the telephone.
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Nora, i hope you are right, for Sandy's sake.

i called two times, and it was the man who answered the phone sound very well-spoken and educated. i did not expect him to spill such words at all.

When the ACC called the no. on the tag, i was just there, and was able to hear his voice. It sounds like it was him.

In any case, i will call ACC to request for a follow up call on Sandy. i am sure Bruce will not mind terribly, as Bruce has met me before.
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That's a good idea. I hope Bruce will be willing to do it. I really hope Sandy will be found doing good. I would hope that if Max ever got away from home, he would find someone kind like you to help him out.
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Shirley, I just thought of a possible explanation, and I hope I'm right. He might have been so worried about Sandy, that he was very relieved-like a mother who might say "If you break your leg falling out of that tree, I'll break your neck!" - relieved and upset at the same time. Or his wife might be very angry with him for allowing the cat to get out. It's possible.
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i hope so, Jeanie.. whatever it is, his calm and cool sounding mannerisms made my hair stood on ends!!

i share the same sentiments as Amy.. something is definitely not completely right here.

i even repeated the question several times, "you are joking, right?" just to be sure he was joking around as i have a very distinct "singaporean - asian" accent.

He said "no" calmly, and even pressed on with description.

i don't know how his mind works, and i can't speak for him. Also, i hear screaming kids in the background, and a woman yelling at the kids.

Oh well.. thanks for caring, you all... so sweet of you folks...

Smiles and blessings.
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Hmmm...As someone else mentioned, it's strange that Sandy had a collar and tag. I hate to say this, or even think it, but he might be prejudiced and was giving you a hard time-just to upset you. Either way, it was a terrible thing to say. He should have thanked you and offered a reward, even though I know you wouldn't have taken it.
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Oh well.... if he wanted to upset me.. he succeeded.

What i could not figure out was why he did NOT even want to reveal his address. i think i live very close to him (in the Sunset district.)

He did not know he had to pay a fine until he showed up to retrieve Sandy.

The helpers at ACC told me they will mark his name and such.

Thanks so much for your concern, Jeanie.. very sweet of you!

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My first response was "Is this guy an alcoholic?" If he was drunk who knows what he trying to say. I will say a prayer for Sandy that he is safe & stays safer.
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