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Fat/Skinny Lazy/Active

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HI! I have 5 cats that have very different eating habits. The problem is they take each others food. It's like they think somebody has something better to eat than they do. It's a nose pushing thing at dinner. That's when fine dining (canned food) occurs. Short of feeding them in different rooms, does anyone have any ideas on how to feed these rascals? Or what to feed them? I have one overweight cat that lay's around all the time and one that is kinda skinny that goes all the time. I keep dry food out so the light weights can eat more, but the heavy weights are the ones that are munching all day. Any input would be helpful.

THANKS, Deborah
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I don't free feed. My cats eat at the same times every day in separate rooms.

If you must free-feed, instead of leaving bowls of food around, put the dry food in treat balls. I like the Play-N-Treat treat balls. They are hard plastic, hollow balls that you put the dry food or treats in. In order for the cat to get the food, he needs to roll it around. You need a few of them in different areas of the house.

Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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Thank you for your time. I will find these balls and give it a try.

Sincerely, Deborah
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