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Hi all, just joined the forum...I'm a bit of a proud mummy of two cats and thought maybe people here would find it interesting unlike everyone else

Well, I'm Sarah and I live with my fiance and my two boys - Smokey and Rusty. They are now 1 year and 4 months old. We got them as kittens. They are brothers, but look absolutely nothing alike and have completely different personalities. They are half siamese and half white tortoiseshell.

We treat them like children tbh! They have their own bedroom with a radiator bed each and a double bed, and enjoy the conservatory as their own living room hehe!

Smokey is pretty much like a siamese, he is grey with white bits and has stripes, he's very slender and lean, with a pointy head and skinny little body He is the naughty one and drives us up the wall messing constantly! He's a right talker and spends all day whinning to us, and will do anything to get our attention. He's very outgoing and friendly, and thinks he is the most important thing in the world. He's very much a Daddy's boy, but needs Mummy when something has happened He likes to think he's hard, but he's actually a wimp!

Rusty is my baby boo! He looks nothing like a siamese - he is a rusty (!) and white colour with a thick coat and tail. He's quite a chunky and big lad, as I say "He's big, beautiful and loving it!". He enjoys a much more relaxed life than his brother and spends all day lounging around and cuddling Mummy. He's soooo soft and makes lots of happy noises, but he's also pretty hard and runs the house. He's a bit of ladies man and used to have three girls on the go at our old house, he makes friends with the other cats easily and has lots of friends. He's a good boy and loves the ladies!

Here's some pictures!



Both of them