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Sick new cat (from new poster)

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Hello everyone. I am obviously brand new to these forums and am in need of some advice/help. My girlfriend and I rescued a kitten from a vet back in July and have throroughly enjoyed our energetic, playful (and sometimes hyperactive) new friend. The last few days have been rather alarming, however.

"Grace" has become increasingly sapped of energy since about Tuesday or Wednesday, hardly moving at all today. Her legs appear wobbly and she seems to have a little trouble keeping balance, especially when she tries to scratch with her hind legs. She doesn't talk (always a very vocal cat) and has little interest in any social interaction. She stays in one place almost 24 hours a day unless we physically move her. Although she is still eating and drinking water, her appetite seems to have curbed and she doesn't seem to be having nearly as frequent bowel movements. She does not seem to be in any pain or discomfort, however, and is not hostile towards us. We are becoming increasingly concerned and are pondering taking her to an emergency clinic tomorrow, but don't know if we're overreacting.

Some more background: she is strictly an indoor cat, although we sometimes leave the sliding door to the screened-in porch open so she can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. She has no other contact with other cats or animals of any kind, although when she goes home with my girlfriend to visit family, they have a large menagerie of cats and dogs she interacts with. The last visit there was well over a month ago.

Any advice or information any of you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!
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Does the kitten have all it's shots? Some cat illnesses are airborne. Please don't wait and take your baby in today!
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It sounds like her behavior is drastically changed. I know that cats don't always vocalize pain, especially kittens. There could be a number of reasons she is acting like this, so I definitely recommend getting her to a vet as soon as possible.

Also, has she been fully vaccinated? And you mentioned she was around other cat's and dogs about a month ago. Do you know their histories? Are they indoor animals, or outdoor? And are they also up to date on their vaccinations? She may have contracted something from these other cats.

I'm not an expert, but since something is obviously wrong, I would say she really needs to see a vet. You may want to take the vet a stool sample (sealed in a plastic bag). Pay close attention to her eating and drinking. Because she is a kitten if she stops eating or drinking it is VERY serious.
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Originally posted by DragonLady
Does the kitten have all it's shots? Some cat illnesses are airborne. Please don't wait and take your baby in today!
To my knowledge, when we had her fixed (sorry if that term in politically incorrect) she received her shots.
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Good to hear she had shots. ("fixed" is a perfetly fine term)
Kittens are like babies, and illnesses are more serious because they are too young to have built up all their immunities. Writing down the symptoms for your vet would be helpful, so you don't accidently forget anything.
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Please take your cat to the vet immediately. She could have a head injury, neurological damage or a virus. Only a vet will be able to tell you what is going in with her.
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Hi guys. Thanks for your responses and concern.

I just got back from the vet--miraculously, they were able to squeeze me in before closing. Turns out Grace has a fever of 106 (!). The doctor gave her antibiotic and anti-inflammatory shots and gave me some Amoxil drops for her. I'm taking her back in the morning for a follow-up.

I can already tell she feels better since getting home. This is the most she has moved since Wednesday, I think, and her personality is peeking through a little more. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end of her illness and she'll be back to normal in no time.

Everyone have a great weekend!
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I'm glad you got your baby into the vet before they closed. Hopefully she'll be back to her old self in no time. Feel better, Grace.
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Great news! I'm glad they were able to fit her in. Keep us posted on her recovery!!
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That is a pretty high fever. Make sure the cat stays hydrated. Pedialyte is good to give- you can check for dehydration by gently scruffing the neck and seeing if the scruff goes down to normal quickly or if it stays up. If it stays up, kitty is in trouble, or gently press your finger against the cat's gum and see if it changes color or pinks up quickly.
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Well, Grace and I just got back from the vet for a follow-up visit this morning. Her temperature is down to 102 (normal, apparently) and she seems to be getting back to her old self (translate: into everything with an attitude )

Thanks again for the info and support. Hope you all have a nice holiday weekend!
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I am glad she is better! Happy Easter!
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Did the vet seem to know what was wrong with her? I am glad she is doing better though!
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I'm glad you took her to the vet and I'm glad she is doing better. Give Grace some snuggles from us all at TCS.
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