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Playing with DaBird

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Sebastian (DaBird is the only toy that can convince him to move this much )

Another of Daphne
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Awww how cute!
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How precious! This is one toy that really got my Lucy Belle chattering away .. she is normally very quiet.
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My kittens love any toy with feathers!

Cute kitties!
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Love that first picture of Daphne
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Your cats are so cute & they seem to play like proper little kitties! (I have to wear long pants & sleeves when playing with the DaBird as I never know when one might launch at me full speed with claws out)
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Such good action pics! They really look like they are having fun!
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Don't know how long that would last at my house. My kitties just rip the feathers off of anything and hide them under the couch.
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There is that beautiful girl and dignified man. I just love Daphne and Seb.

You really have to enter the dancing to play photo into this month's LOL contest.

"Dignified cat is not impressed"
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