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Krystal & Honey wanna say HI!

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First they say hi to each other...

Now Krystal wants to say HI to TCS... VERY loudly!
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Wowza! What big teeth you have They are simply beautiful!! Love the framed photo in the one pic
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Oh gosh!! What marvelous pics! The girls are in the pinkest of health, look at their plush fur. My, gorgeous, simply mesmerizing! And that AWWWW ... hahahaha...well hello to you to!!
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Very beautiful cats!!
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yep.... that says it all
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Wow, what beauties! White kitties are so special.
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wow! they are beautiful!
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Oh my word they are stunning, I also love the framed print got any more???????
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Unfortunately Krystal and Honey don't belong to me, or I'd take pictures of these stunning beauties every single day. They actually belong to my friend's dad who lives in the USA. He takes great photos, doesn't he? It helps too, that his subjects are so beautiful

I've got some older pics of them.

Headshots of Krystal (blue eyes) and Honey (yellow eyes)

And another of Krystal posing pretty.
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wow! those close ups are simply stunning!

white cats have this slightly regal look about i always think. gorgeous!
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They are stunning! Their eyes are just beautiful

(Oh, and we have the same colour walls! )
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