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Homecoming - Claws and Tiger

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I thought I'd let them come settle in a bit in my room. I'm sure this is the first time either of the two have been inside at all...they weren't allowed in at their old house because one of the boys had allergies. Sorry about the quality of the photos...I had to use flash!




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Boy, he is STUNNING! She's no "ugly duckling" either!
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I know - he's a beauty, isnt he? He's not what "normal" people would consider pretty, but he's got this sleek, muscular look that I think makes him a stunner! Clementine...I have to agree there too. She's a pretty little girl and I love her to pieces.

More photos:



^ he's sleeping with his legs flopped across my pillow in that one but you can't really tell.

^that's where he's been sleep half of the evening. Apparently it must be comfy.


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I've never been so glad to not be "normal" I think these babies are regal and gorgeous! They appear to have no problem with being inside. Good job
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I think they're gorgeous Love the markings on Tiger Clementine looks like such a sweet little lady too!
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tiger is gorgeous! he has that lovely leggy, lean look, just like my boy milo. count me in as not 'normal'!

clementine is an absolute sweety too. you're all going to have so much fun together!
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Clementine IS a little lady. She reminds me of my Sheba!
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I could kiss his little pink nosey ! Looks like they are settling in well...
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Clementine is actually the only one I'm keeping. I brought Tiger to the shelter Wednesday morning. I hated to bring him there, but it was a much better place than outside making babies! Claws is still here though (and possibly others since I think she's pregnant). Oh, boy.
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