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Guess Who Is Finally Home!?

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Claws!! Now her name is Clementine. She's skinny as can be, scared, but she's finally home. I now have five members in my cat clan.

How it happened...my neighbor called me this evening and said she saw Clementine. I was a bit doubtful, but I called my friend and we walked next door. Sure enough, there she was, wandering alongside the road! I walked over to her, and there was Tiger. Lucky for me I had an extra set of hands. We each picked a cat and walked home. Tiger is in good condition - I think someone has been feeding him because he's meatier than he was before (but not fat). Clementine is the stark opposite. However, they're both in my big doggy kennels right now and are crunching happily away on kitty kibbles.

Sadly, I can't keep Tiger. My mom is going to drive him to the no-kill shelter tomorrow and he'll have to live there. Make sure you send some good adoption vibes for him! He'll need them, especially since he doesn't have the rosiest attitude. Send some Get Chubby vibes for Clementine, too. She'll need them.

I know I haven't been the most constant updater, but I'll do my best this time! I'll update you guys tomorrow on how bringing Tiger in goes. Thanks for taking the time to read through my post. You all are the best!
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for little Tiger

Glad you've got them back!
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Tiger is now at the shelter. He was such a good boy - not a single hiss, scratch, bite or other unwanted behavior from him! I was so proud of my big boy. Even though he's had his tantrums I think the change will actually do him good. He was so loving and cuddly when he was in my room! I have a feeling with a bit of good food and attention his better side will blossom. I hope someone will see his beauty and realize he's a special cat...he deserves to have a good home after all he's gone through.On a side note, Clementine is doing very well. The other cats haven't reacted badly to her at all.

Things are very peaceful in my cat household today, and it's a nice change from the rat race yesterday evening was! At 2:00 in the morning - I stayed up late - I was just about to go to sleep when I smelled a sour scent. Sure enough, some cat decided that crawling into the kennel to go poop or pee in either of the litterboxes was just too horrible of a thought and pooped right in front of my door! I couldn't open it at all because the bottom of the door would hit the turd, so I had to scavenge a piece of bag from my garbage can and scopped it up off of my carpet with that. It's all cleaned up now and the carpet smells like lemons from the cleaner. However, that taught me a lesson that my cats do not like litterboxes in closed spaces. It is now out in the open where Clementine can see it.

Thank you for the vibes! Let's hope they work for Tiger.
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Clementine gotr out a couple of hours ago. I had her on the cat harness and long leash so she ould get used to being around our house. However, it wasn't fastened right. It just so happened that she got really scared of something right then, slipped out of it, and took off into the woods!

Is my thinking that she'll come back (she's been fed here and slept here for two nights now) hoping for too much? Also, Twitch (see my Fur Pics post) has been hanging around, so I'm afraid I'll end up with a malnourished pregnant cat when she comes back. Is it safe to spay her when she's so thin? I don't think she'd survive a pregnancy very well since she's small, young, and underfed. I also don't want any more kittens since I know I won't be able to take any of them in. I'm so frustrated now. It just seemed like things were starting to go well with her and Tiger's situation, and then this happens.

Oh, on a side note, another cat has invaded our garage. S/he is a very small, probably still under a year, black cat, most likely eating our cat food. I hope for my and my cats' sake it doesn't come back so I don't have to worry about dealing with another stray. Of course, if it sticks around, I'll probably have to bring it in the the shelter - however, the possibility of having three cats going there from our house in such a short time is just a bit depressing.

Sorry about the rant, I'm just a bit frustrated right now.
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Oh no!


Hope she returns home safe...

As for the spaying issue, I'm not up on the 'How skinny a cat should be when it's spayed' kinda thing, so I'd ask one of the mods on the health forum if I were you.

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I forgot to update...Clementine has been back two nights now. Her favorite spot to stay in under my bed, but if I crouch down she pops her head out and makes this cute little 'meeuw'. I bought seveal toys for her (springs, rattling mice, a spider with wibbly legs, crinkly balls, and catnip) - however, I don't think she knows how to play. It's really weird considering my other cats love anything that moves, but perhaps it's because she was never raised in a loving environment. I'm working on changing her attitude on that...she's only one and a half, she should be able to play still since she's not a 'big girl'!

Everything is going perfectly. I'll check with the vet on the spaying issue. If she ends up being prego (I have a thread in the Pregnant Cats and Kittens forum on her situation) she's not getting spayed though and I'll end up having more little terrors running around. I really don't want that, but since I do like kittens, I can't say I'd hate it...
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Clementine is coming out of her little shell by leaps and bounds! Today I was sitting next to her (she was under the bed like she normally is) and I began wiggling her spring for her. Surprisingly enough she start batting at it and poking it and biting it it was really quite funny. Then she discovered The Spider. It's a fuzzy little thing with springy legs and a cute litel smile...boy, does she love it! She was chewing on it and chomping on it like a pro! That was when I decided to sprinkle some 'nip on it and move her out into the open area of my room. That did the trick. She was in love! Now the spider has a missing leg, one eyeball, and a whole bunch of missing fur. I caught a video of it, which I'm uploading right now, so in a little bit y'all will be able to see her acting like a goofball.
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