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my pregnant cat

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my cat is about a year and like 3 months old now and she came to us when she was really young. she just walked in our door oneday and started loving us. we checked around and no one was missing a cat so we kept her. she got pregnant about 62 days ago and were waiting and wondering if everything is going to go well.shes the sweetest cat in the world, but kinda slow if you know what i mean. she falls off of things all the time and has this retarded quality to her sometimes. i dont think shes completly disabled in that way or anything. im just worrying that the pregnancy could have problems due to this. sunday night, which was day 57, she had very big contractions for about 45 mins, on and off. she kinda paniced and ran around the room and we just pet her talked to her. im wondering if there already could be a problem since she had such large contractions and nothing else happened. i guess what im getting at is are the contractions that happened early a sign that she should have had them and if not, what signs should i be looking for when shes ready to have them. also are there any chances that she might try not to have them at all and create bigger problems?
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I think you should get her to the vet ASAP. And once she is done nursing this litter get her fixed. I hope the kitty and the kittens are okay
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If she has some sort of neurological problem, she could pass it on to her kittens. She may not even know how to be a good mother, so you need to prepare for that possibility. You should alert your vet about the impending pregnancy and have his number on hand when she is starts to give birth. If she does not eat the cord or the sac, you are going to have to cut the cord (don't pull!) and tear the sac off. The best thing you can do for this cat is once her kittens are weaned get her in and get her spayed.
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Any update??
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not too much of one. todays the due date and theres been more movement in the belly. i didnt mean it to sound as serious as the other people who replied took it. i seriously doubt its a neurological problem. just a case of the first time mommy. im guessing today or tomorrow. but if its not i wont get too worried. some just take longer then others.
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