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Chicken Soup or Solid Gold?

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I was wondering what the food experts think about these brands? I know for dog food SG is better but CS is still good.
Right now I have them on CS (which I used to mix with Purina One UT health but just finished cutting that out, too expensive for such a poor quality food) so Im trying to decide if I should keep them on CS or switch to SG. They seem to do pretty well on the CS, everyone is a little dandruffy though, and they eat a lot so they'll be going on a diet soon (some how). I dont want to switch for no reason, but they might like a change, they have been on it for years. And its about the same price for either brand. I've never believed in switching around dry food often, any thoughts on that? Thanks in advance! Im off to the SG website to see if they give samples.
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I don't know, but I'm also interested in what people think. I have been feeding Purina One UT and I also think it is too expensive and I know it can't be the best thing. I want to feed all of my kitties (kittens and adults) the same thing. So I'm looking for something that is good for all of them.

I've seen Solid Gold but have not tried it. I've never seen Chicken Soup.
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Solid Gold is Very grainy and low in fat in comparison to other premiums... it is often a good wt control food for a cat that needs lower fat ...

Chicken soup is in the adult slightly lower protein than most but overall a good food at a decent price ...

when dealing with UTI issues I would suggest neither
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Chester had a UTI years and years ago, but we havent had any problems since. My boys do need a lower fat diet but I didnt want something that was high in grain,hmm.. I may have to track down some samples of the Solid Gold. Thanks!
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