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Daily Question for Sept 16th

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Well it is a bit late but since no one has posted the daily question I figured I would take a crack at it...
Since we are looking for gift hints for our secret Santa's let's make it a What is
your favorite question.

What is your favorite type of music and an artist that performs it. ?

I really love R&B and a couple of my favorite performers are Alicia Keys, and Divine Brown...
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My favorite type is also R&B, with a little hip-hop thrown in, and Robin Thicke is a good one, as is Mary J Blige and Chris Brown
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I really cant pick one! I like far too many!!!!

It really depends on the mood!
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Country is by far my favorite. Two of my absolute favorites are Toby Keith and Taylor Swift!
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Hands down favorite....Southern Gospel, especially The Perrys (ok, so they're also some of my best friends, lol!) But I also love country, esp. the older stuff like George Jones, but loooove Kenny Chesney too!
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Way too many to name!

I am a huge fan of Jay-Z though
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Hmmm....that's a tough one! Depending on my mood, I like blues, alternative/indie rock and hard rock.

Blues: Mike Morgan & the Crawl
Alternative Rock: REM
Hard Rock: Seether
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I don't have just one favourite, I tend to have fads of different artists, but usually I listen to absolutely EVERYTHING.

But right now my favourite is Lies by McFly
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Hmmm....that's a tough one! Depending on my mood,....
...What a question my friend... soo difficult to answer....Mainly as well depend de Mood...

Smoth Jazz -....with the rippingtons, Roberto Perera
New Ager- Andreas Vollenweider, Yanni, Jean Michael Jarre, enigma, era
Metal Trash-....Metallica, Megadeth, testament,
Progresive rock- Pink floyd
Soft rock..--Def Leppard
PoP.- Petshopboys, Elton Jhon,
Weird but great.- Deep Forest
And Classical,....Too many autors to mention my friend....but one of my favourite autors is Peter I Tchaikovsky...1812 overture!.Oh mamma mÃ:censor:a! what a great song,...
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