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The Pet Camper

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Thanks to Amy, (momofmany) for The Pet Camper. The cats take turns camping in this tent! This morning I found Persi in the tent where Alley usually spends a lot of time. Both cats claim it belongs to them but I can find one or the other camping in the tent, alternating throughout the day. As you can see, Persi loves Amy to death for this wonderful present. I never thought my cats would love this tent so much. Please click on the link in momofmany's siggy to see her other wonderful creations. http://www.auntieemcreations.com/
Now Persi, please come out and let Alley have her turn! to Amy from both the cats.

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he looks like he might be star-gazing!
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I looks like a great creation, I'm sure it will do well!
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Wow that looks excellent!
Jess x
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Awwww......shucks Lee! It's the least I could do for you for putting me up for the night and providing such outstanding southern hospitality!! Tell Persi and Alley that they can actually both fit into the tent at the same time if they snuggle in real tight. My Muddy and Koko often share a tent at my place, and they are about the same size as your kids.
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What a cute picture! That lil tent is pretty darn cute to Momofmany.
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I'm puzzled! Everyone else seems to be seeing a picture of Persi in his tent, but I'm not -- not even a suggestion of something that's not displaying properly -- and yet all other images seem to be behaving just fine.
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