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I had not planned to name Goldy's kittens since I'm hoping to place them all in furever homes. However, I decided I can't go through the next couple of months calling them #1, #2, and #3, so I've given them temporary names.

I started out calling #1 kitty "Brat" but thought I probably shouldn't give her any more ideas than she already has. From day one she decided that whichever nipple her brother had, that's the one she wanted. She pushes and claws and head butts him and most of the time ends up getting what she wants. Anyway, I'm hoping a something sweet like a flower name will influence her personality, so she is "Iris." Actually, I love her even if she is a brat. If I can't find homes for all the kittens, Iris is the one I would keep.

#2 kitty is the red boy. One of my students wants me to call him Simba, but I think that one has been used an awful lot. I'm going with the more generic "Lion" although I usually end up calling him "Big Boy." A number of people have said they love orange boys, so I'm thinking he should be fairly easy to place.

#3 kitty is "Cali" because she is almost a calico. She is the calmest of the three and I think will be a cuddly kitty. Should be easy to find a home for her, too.

Speaking of homes for the kittens, where is the best place to post a question? I'd like to get some ideas for where and how to advertise the kittens.