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Adopted Ella

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Yeah, this was predictable, right? She's a nice cat, she's spent way too much of her life in a cage, and her nose is not going to get a lot better, so she won't get adopted.

However, right now she's angry at me and won't let me near her, after having her microchipped at the shelter, vaccinated at the vet, and having her checked over, including scraping her nose for rule out the last few possibilities.
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I am glad you adopted her.
I got my Oreo because she has fcks and no one would have taken her.
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yay for Ella I am so glad you are keeping her
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That's great news!
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That's wonderful news.
Ella is very lucky to have your as her angel
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Aww yay!! That's wonderful!
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Welcome home Ella!!
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You're a good hearted guy, Mike!

And Ella will forgive you, I'm sure!
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