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Which photo?

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This will be the first time that I enter Willow into the monthly photo competition but don't know what photo to enter? I have only found 2 so far the first one is Willow simply with her tongue sticking out

The other one always makes me and my boyfriend laugh because when she's in our bedroom and she hears a car pull up outside or any other noise outside she wants to check it out but is not brave enough to jump up onto the window to have a look so she stands up inside her box on our bed and trys to look over the window ledge It's funny because she still can't quite see over so she trys to stand up taller. She stays in this position for a few minutes until she is happy with what she has seen

which one do you think I should use?

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Although I love the first picture, I think you should enter the one of her standing up. It's pretty darn funny and cute!
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While both pics are adorable...I agree, the pic of cute Willow standing up in her box to check out whats outside is priceless!! Very cute - made me lol
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Add another vote to meerkat Willow!!

Both are cute, but her standing there is a kick!!
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Originally Posted by BelongsToEvie View Post
Add another vote to meerkat Willow!!
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I agree, the one with her standing is best. Do you have one that also shows the window where she is looking?
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Oh yes, the one with her standing made me laugh out loud!!! I would go with that one. Too funny!!
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They are both great pictures...the first would have been better for our noses, wiskers and tongues contest I agree that the second pic is better for LOL cats type captions.
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Thank you all for your comments, we have decided to enter the second photo of her standing up as it makes us lol to
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I think the first is a bit better quality, but the second is much more suitable (and funny!). If she does is it again maybe try catch a photo of her again? Then you'll have more choices for quality.
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