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Urgent advice please!

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My mum's cat has an **urgent problem**. She's 15 years old and in good health. But recently had two teeth removed.

This went well, the vet gave her some other tests at the same time & reported her to be in very good health for her age. However on her return she refused to eat and only drank water. Returning her to the vet they reported she had some reaction (or something) to the earlier treatment and that it seemed food was making her sick. Far more seriously, as she was not eating at all, it was causing her kidneys to shut down.

So the vet kept her in for a few days feeding her directly through her nose, giving her an appetite enducing injection to make her eat. (Traditionally mum's cat doesn't take kindly to pills of any sort!) At the vet's she did eat a little, and a test on her blood showed her kidneys were working again.

So now she's back home and again she's not eating. Tuna, biscuits, and of the treats she's loved over the years. She won't eat anything.

What can we do to get her to eat!

Hope you have some ideas, apologies for the length of the post

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Call the vet again, ASAP.
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Tempt her with chicken, turkey, deli meat, yogurt, meat baby food no onions. Try warming canned food up in the microwave as the smell may wet the appetite. Try sprinkling parmesan cheese on top of food.
Check the gums and make sure there is no yelolowing which would require immediate vet attention.
Don't let her go too long without eating. Force feed if you have to. You can try it easily at first by just putting bits of canned food on her nose.
Consider a feeding tube if necessary. It sounds alot worse then it is an it is a lifesaver.
Hope she starts eating soon
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Thanks for the responses.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like a good outcome. We have been feeding her by hand, mashed up Hills AD via a syringe, she eats it this way, but she won't eat anything by herself. We think she's given up as she spends most of the day hiding somewhere inaccessible, like she's quietly waiting for the end. So, as feeding this way is a bit like torture for her, we think we can't continue to do that. Obviously she's getting progressively weaker anyway.

So it's a sad ending indeed, but she's been a great cat, lived to over 100, if my cat years calculator is working correctly, so no-one can complain...

Thanks again

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Are her teeth still hurting her? Is she on any pain killers? I think another vet visit to check her teeth again. I know you ahve already done a lot for her. It is very sad. I am thinking of you, please let us know how you get on.
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