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Question for white cat owners

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I am not sure the significance of this. Moses is 5 months old and rescued from owners that abandoned him outside as a small kitten. Was told I could take him and he had all shots. I got the vet records and he had NOT. So at 5 mo we are getting kitten vaccines. Since vet and vaccines last week he has not been himself. Understand some but not this long. Got a call in to vet.

Question is: He has always been warm. Not hot/fever, just warmer than other cats which is normal for him. His ears and nose have always been pink. After vaccines (related or not) his ears and nose are pale and he feels cooler. Also may have some allergy probs because of the watery eyes and lethargy. He is eating and playful some. Just started since vaccine.

What's up with the loss of pinkness?



Any thoughts before I sound silly asking the vet? Thanks.
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Ears/nose being pink in white cats is normal. Being pale I consider "not good", especially if it's their gums. It's something I'd talk to the vet about. What's "normal" for him is something you/the vet can determine.
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They do vary slightly. My Persil is paler pink than my other two, Wellington and Milo, and she is cooler. She breathes faster though.
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Thanks for the response. I know it probably isn't vaccine related, just ironic that this started after vaccines. Maybe because vaccines weakened his immune system. The vet office is working us in. He has other symptoms besides cooler than normal and pale ears/nose (for him normally pink/warm).

Brown gunk draining from eyes (not normal for him), vomiting clear then other times projectile yellow, decreased appetite (although he eats/drinks some)....he is just "off". Thanks again.
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Maggie's nose is totaly pink & Jordan's is mostly pink. They both have pink on the insides of their ears also. Depending on how warm they are the color varries from a very pale pink (almost white) to bright pink. Just depends on the day & time. I know that after their vaccinations thier temps usually go up & that is when their little noses are the most pink, almost red.
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I have several white rexes. When they get cold (ears, paws, nose) the pink color will fade. If really cold it will become white.
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Hi, my kitty is not totally white but mostly, and she is also a cat who is very warm the whole time, especially her ears! I tend to think this might be because she is a very active cat, is yours? She also just had her vaccine and the same thing happened, not as pink nose, and she slept a lot too. However a few days later an d she is back to normal -my vet said a lot of cats have this small reaction to vaccines (or it could be the stress of going to the ) making them feel "under the weather". Her nose also pales when she is feeling a bit poorly as i found out when she had her spay.. I hope she feels a bit better soon! i just read the bit about the being sick - that wasn't what happened to lily my white cat...i tihnk she might have had an allergic reaction because my blackcurrant my black cat did this when he was vaccinated as a small cat, and also had runny poo for a few days after. Let us knnow how you get on!
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My cat is white and yes, the skin is pink.

With your cat, it's possible that his skin was sunburned when you first got him, because he was spending all his time outdoors -- so they were redder and hot to the touch. Now that he's living indoors, you're seeing the skin return to normal.

The before and after pictures look the same to me.
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