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Eating the others food

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3 cats. Rosie 6, Sophie 4, Jack 1

They all eat their wet food together, but half way through Sophie leaves her bowl and very slowly moves in on either Rosie or Jack's bowls.

They both leave without a fight, Sophie eats some of their food, then wanders back to her own bowl?. Jack usually comes back to finish his off with no further interruption.

If i can i usually stand and watch them eat, and when i do Sophie turns around a couple of times to see if the coast is clear
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You may want to consider feeding Sophie in a different room...
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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We cover the bowls after our kitties walk away (to unfinished food). And just keep an eye out to when they come back (though may forget, of course). But it is a lot of trouble to feed in all different rooms.

The only time we fed a kitty in a different room was for one of our cats who couldn't jump up to the counter (we have semi deep stairs placed for them to go up), and he was very, very addicted to food (but he had FIV+, and then later on went on meds that made him even more addicted to any kind of food). But our two cats right now, we always cover up with another bowl, if one jumps away for a brief time.

We also scold (not too mean), when we see them about to jump to another's food. We actually divide their regions too, so they don't eat head to head, which is useful. They have to jump over a little divider (easy to jump over) to get to other's.
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