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Terrorizing Kittens!

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Rescued four 3 week old kits, brought them into established cat home, no problem, they stayed in kittie condo, got fed, litter etc in their condo, then were let out to play the day, and at night in condo again until about three months old. Then all hecky broke loose, they pee pee on top of stove, under the dryer, against cabinets, all on 1st floor, they never do this on 2nd floor where bedrooms are, but they all use the litters too. Rip blinds, curtains, shades, leaping like Superman terrorizing my adult cats, gang up time so much fun for them. No physical fights, just the olders screaming to be left alone. These kittens now 16 months old cannot be stopped, all day all night they are zooming happily and breaking anything in front of them, forget having toilet paper! Why on earth do they behave so poorly when my established ferals/strays have all been so wonderful all these years, and I have had them since teeny babies too! They never did any of the destruction these guys do! These four kittens have destroyed the peace in our home and have frazzled my nerves! I am constantly after them to stop attacking my other cats. On the other hand their continual licking of me and affection and love is the other side of them so sweet! Not sure there is anything I can actually "do" but sure would like some quiet time for six seconds during the day, I am exhausted! I feel embarassed! My motto has always been peace and harmony with 25+ cats and two dogs, now that is out the window!
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Some breeds/some cats are are more energetic then others when they are kittens (also when adults). Additionally, these little ones did not have mom to properly socialize them. Kittens, when possible, should stay with mom and their siblings until they are 12 weeks old in order to learn social skills and some manners.

Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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