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Update on Rescued Kitten

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I decided that my kitten was only one day old when I got him that Friday, three weeks ago. He's growing slowly but surely and he's eating a bit more now. Last Saturday he started cutting teeth. His eyes are wide open now, still way too big for his face! He enjoys biting stuff (my fingers). He can climb out of his box if I leave his washcloth (blanket) draped over the side. Today, I caught him sitting like a big cat, except that his front legs aren't strong enough to hold him up; he kept falling over!!

He went to the vet last Friday for a re-check on his original visit. Dr. says he is quite small for his age. I just popped him on an old postal scale of mine. According to that, he weighs 4-1/2 ounces. It's okay. I love him just the same and he really loves me. I like to hold him and kiss his face.

There are a couple new pics in my album.
Click on Pictures; he's the first album.
The last two are from Sunday the 13th.

I would like to hear stories of others who have hand-raised kittens. When did they walk normally? became litter-box trained? played with toys?

thanks, everyone!
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You are just the best ! When can we see pictures????
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You can see pics just by clicking on the link above. Choose Pictures.
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Ok - I am now legally blind!!! He is just - there are no words for how cuty Little G is.

Again thanks for taking him into your care!
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He is absolutely precious! I love his itsy-bitsy tail!
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He is just adorable! You are an for rescuing him!
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I am really hoping this tiny kitten continues to thrieve. You're an
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I am so glad your kitty found you! Best of luck for the future.
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What a sweetie!!!
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