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Daily Thread Tues Sept 16th!

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MOrning cat folks!

Its getting chilly here now...only a high of 17 today. I am not a big fan of summer being gone yet!

I have not much going on today..just work, and I have some training today. After work, I have to find another pet store..the one I went to yesterday had 3 kinds of food and the bags had dust on them Also, I think I finally found a gym so I may signup tonight. Oh and I need a few groceries.

Thats about it..have a great day folks! And thanks again for all the Trout brithday wishes!
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Today I have a day off college so I'm spending it at my nans.
So much for a full time course - I only have to go in 3 days a week!

Anyway, later on a man is coming to cut some of the tree out the front away and I have no idea what I'm doing after that!

Seeeeeeee Yaaaaaaaaa!
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The sun is here!! Its been overcast in the morning since Friday so its a good thing.

Have a massive headache still this morning. Don't know if its allergies/sinus/not drinking enough water or eating. I am bringing a water bottle to work today to try to drink more water during the day and just took some exedrin migraine.

Well the job was quite interesting. Have to wear more supportive shoes as I'm on my feet the entire time. It was busy the owner said for a Monday so today should be a bit slower. I knew three people who stopped in too!! The other employees are very nice and patient with me but I think I picked everything up pretty good. Its nice to be working around people again as I don't do that much with my current job.

Well I better clean the kitchen before I get ready to leave for the day!

Have a good one.
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Morning All!!!

Well the sun is shining here this morning but it is a bit on the chilly side.

Heading off to work shortly but only for a couple of hours, was suppose to be my day off but as usual something always comes up.

Maybe do a bit of window shopping afterwards, both my nephews have birthdays coming up soon so I should look around for something for them..I see in the flyer for No Frills they have several items on sale that I should think about stocking up on as well..

The kitties are good this morning, watching the squirrels right now. The poor old squirrels are driving themselves crazy trying to gather up all the acorns we have laying around right now..

Everyone have a great day
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I am not a big fan of summer being gone yet!
Me neither! And summer definitely wants to be gone from here! Another chilly, over cast morning here today. Gee, didn't I just say that yesterday??

Also yesterday I said that I had a busy day at work- well, it was about 5,000 times worse than I expected. So worn out today...

On that note, my plans for the day consists of MAYBE doing some house work if I'm feeling constructive, dinner, and bed!!

Cats are good this morning. Evie wasn't too sociable, but eh, not totally aloof like she could be. Cronos was his usual masseus self. Ah, nice to start every day with free massages! Except, probably from being worn out, my allergies really didn't approve of him today.

Everyone have a good day! It is Friday, right??
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Good morning. It's supposed to get cooler here and rain today. Tonight my brother, Sister-in-law and me are going on a MURDER MYSTERY CRUISE! WOOHOO!
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Today has been pretty eventful....the household got up (we are staying with my in-laws until our electricity comes back on in Houston) and we all had breakfast. My husband and his best friend (also co-workers) went to Houston to get their servers back up for their company. I went with my mother-in-law to church to help her get Christmas music organized (she's the choir director). I played with Mittens for awhile to calm him down after the boys in the neighborhood were doing yard work. I am going to get back outside soon to clean up the yard and remove tree branches. I got a call from my grade level chair and they decided to cancel school for the remainder of the week. We are on day 4 of not having electricity at home, I am so grateful for having a family that lives nearby that can take care of us during this disaster.

I hope everyone is having a great day!!
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A beautiful sunny fall day. I hate that winter is coming, but I love the fall leaves they are so bright and beautiful. I will be spedning most of the day with a 5 year old on my ap, She is sick, she has one of those nasty tummy bugs. She is asleep for now, but when she wakes up. she just wants to snuggle. I don't mind. I know soon she'll be too big.
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