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Power of attorney

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My mom has given my older sister power of attorney because we now have to deal with the bills. it was scary for me because my mom was talking about this.. but I know it needed to be done.
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It's a very necessary document.
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My sister and neice are my power of attorney's. I never thought of it until my lawyer told me when i was in having a new will drawn up.
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I was had my mother power of attorney for several years prior to her passing..It is one of those necessary things that most people don't even want to think about but should..
Not having a clear power of attorney if something happens can really cause major problems not only personally among the family but legally as well when it comes to estates taxes...
Better safe then sorry...
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I am my Mothers Power of Attorney, as well. You never know what we have in store for us, its just better to have everything prepared. I also have my will and power or attorneys assigned, as well.
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