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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
I see you've already had it. I was going to suggest maybe adding some pre-cooked veg like broccoli and even some potato, adding a bit of Hollandaise sauce and make little packets with Phyllo pastry, brown them up and voila!
MMMM. That sounds lovely, too. Tuck it behind the ear for next time. And there will be plenty of them, as I never buy just enough salmon fillet -- there are so many wonderful things to do with the (don't call 'em leftovers -- it's experienced food! HoooooooooooKey!)

Originally Posted by Quill_luv View Post
I was CRAVING fettucine alfredo, but we didn't have very much parmesan cheese. I used up the leftover gruyere and oka along with the leftover parmesan and got what I wanted! It was extremely rich, so I'm saving it for tomorrow's lunch. But oh dear was it ever goooooooood!!!!
I'll just bet it was!! Alfredo with OKA? Oh, my! Need an Oka fix.

And then there's tonight. Picked up some sacchettini with chicken and bacon filling. I think the lovely little tomato/basil sauce we love will work well. Easy, tasty, nourishing is where it's at tonight.
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Last night I roasted a whole chicken in the oven and it was Yummy. I'm having leftovers for lunch today. I also made some sauteed garlic spinach and then attempted to make twice baked sweet potatoes but the skins fell off so we had more like mashed sweet potatoes. They were still yummy even though I didn't get to put them back in the oven a second time.

The recipes I used. Seriously I thought the chicken was sooooo good.

http://www.recipezaar.com/152161 (I had to add 2 extra cloves of garlic to the recipe because I love garlic)

http://www.recipezaar.com/219113 The sweet potato recipe, I just doubled it for two people.

http://www.recipezaar.com/50428 The spinach
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Tonights dinner is going to be a spinach, mushroom and cheese fritatta, cesar salad and garlic toast made with homemade bread (God bless the person who invented bread machines!)
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We are having a mystery from the freezer tonight. I usually freeze leftover soups and stews for an easy meal another time. This particular container was unidentifiable. As it's thawing it looks like beef stew.
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In and out quickly tonight, so I'll pick up some sushi on the way home.
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Tonight I had my leftover sandwich from last night from going out to dinner with my boyfriend's sister and her husband. I'll probably have a little salad after I workout too.
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A friend came over for tea this evening and is also a vegitarian. So made a stilton, roasted pepper and pea rissotto. Amazing if i do say so myself. I served it with soda bread and a great chardonnay.
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Grilled chicken caesar:

Sidedish is sauteed mini portabella mushroom w/ onions and leftover potato salad w/ garlic mayo.
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John isn't home tonight, so I made one of those Kraft Easy Mac Alfredo things. I made some canned corn as well and mixed it all together. I had a piece of bread with it as well.
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Tired tonight so didn't feel up to cooking. Just had a green salad, with some cheese cubes and cashews thrown in for protein..Tasted pretty good with some Golden Caesar dressing..For dessert a bunch of concord grapes...
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I made split pea soup with sliced chicken breast instead of ham. =)

*Really* yummy!
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I just got home from yoga class a little while ago so i'm just doing an easy dinner tonight.

I mainated some chicken breasts in a pineapple/terriaki sauce and i've got them baking in the oven right now. When it's done i'm going to chop up my chicken and make a chicken ceaser salad out of it
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Last night I had a tuna fish sandwich and some doritos and candy corn kisses for dessert.

tonight we had barbecued shake & bake chicken and I had more candy corn kisses.
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
Last night I had a tuna fish sandwich and some doritos and candy corn kisses for dessert.

tonight we had barbecued shake & bake chicken and I had more candy corn kisses.
candy corn??? Oh that sounds wonderful I haven't had that stuff since last year I need to buy some
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Just a bowl of Asparagus Soup and some toast for dinner tonight. And some grapes and a banana for dessert..It was good though
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As soon as Charlie gets home from the grocery store, we're going to make hamburgers.....hurry, honey!
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Last night was BLT's with farm fresh tomatos from the produce stand down the road and veggie soup.

Tonight is take-out Mexican. Enchiladas with beans and rice. It always comes with chips and salsa, and the salsa is never the same temp. Tonight it's smokin' and DH is whining! That's the way I like it!

I love these threads. It inspires me for what to make for dinner.
I'm thinking tomorrow night or Sunday will be chicken and dumplings in the crock pot. It's finally starting to get cool enough to use the oven, and I would love to make some lasagna or shephards pie.
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Tonight DH and I ordered a pizza from a local Chicago style pizza shop near our home. We've always got their hotdogs (they're amazing) everytime we've gone, so tonight was the first time we tried out their pizza (at my sister's recommendation.)

It was amazing!!! I was only able to eat one piece though We got a deep dish 9" pizza that had sausage, pepperoni, and black olives on it- it was sooo good (and soo bad for us Even though it was the smallest one, it was still huge for a little pizza!

I figured i'd eaten salads for my last two meals (dinner last night and lunch today) though so it wouldn't hurt) We only had 1 slice each because it was so thick! It was great pizza We will be having leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!!
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This is kind of funny.

I've got quirks. Most of them small, but some are pretty glaring. This one caused me trouble with every woman I've ever dated, and my ex-wife.

I like quality quisine. I love having a great $200.00 dinner once in a great while. but I also like cheap food too. The problem is, I get on a rut. And I mean a REAL rut. I always find something that tastes good. Then I will eat that, and ONLY that for about a month. THis isn't a joke or an exageration either, believe me. Right now, god help me, it's corndogs. The State Fair Classic Honey corn dogs.

I will eat them for every meal, every day until I get so sick of them they make me want to vomit just thinking about them. What happens then? I'll move to something else and the same thing will happen.

Usually it's not cheapy food as bad as corn dogs, but it's always something. Hamburgers (home made), Bertolli frozen meals, sometimes even burger king but I rarely eat at fast food restaurants. I often get on salad kicks, or a cheap easy chicken breast meal etc.

I don't know why it happens but it's always been that way with me. I work out a lot still and thankfully my metabolism hasn't failed me yet so I'm still in shape but I eat the worst food.......

For instance. A couple months ago I got on a kidney beans with worchestershire sauce kick. 3 cans a day, for at least a month. At least that's somewhat healthy but boy does the gas come on! Surprisingly the salad kicks get the worst in the gas department. Who'd have thought?

So yes, ive got a horrible habit in this. Now keep in mind, I can go to a restaurant and eat a nice dinner, or I can eat something different. But my craving is for that same repetitive meal.

How'd you like to be married to that?
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I know someone like that, fast. I've seen this guy eat nothing but popcorn for a good two or three weeks, then he moved onto plain bread. I go on random food kicks too, but my cravings are not usually that restrictive. For example it's not uncommon for be to crave nothing but Greek food for a month, or longer, but not really any one food item in particular.

Oh, and by the way, if I could get away with feeding my fiance nothing but corndogs for a month, I'd be pretty content, haha. That would leave me to make my own food for myself, and I'd be happy with that. We have different taste, so cooking can be difficult.
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We went out to a nice fish place last night. It used to be the Rockfish, but they went out of business and the head chef bought it. I had one of the specials, steehead. Dottie had a salmon and corn chowder soup.

And it's been a hard week, so we shared a frozen margarita.
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We had burger king last night

Tonight is either vodka penne, eye of the round, or pork loin. Not sure what my mom has in store for us
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Last night we had hot dogs and rice n cheese.

Tonight I think we're going to do egg salad sandwiches with tater tots.
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I wish I lived in ANY of ya'll's houses!

It is SO boring around here. The husband doesn't like much food. And he is VERY picky about the way it is cooked. It is so pre-madona it drives me nuts.

SO, I get stuck making the same old boring things day after day.

Last night:

It was plain spaghetti and Parmesan cheese for him. Tomato sandwich for me.

We are still feeling the effects of the hurricane and stores don't have a lot of fresh foods yet. When they do get them, they sell out quick.

We are running to Sam's today in hopes of finding SOME foods.

Right now though, i am running to my fav Indian restaurant that has a little lunch buffet.

It's my weekly indulgence. The hubby would NEVER go, so I get to spend a quiet moment alone, enjoying one of my favorite foods.

Be back soon with a belly full of butter chicken and naan!
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Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, so we went out for Italian food. Tonight is chicken taco soup.
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I made taco's tonight, and for dessert watermelon...
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ooh, watermelon, I have that! Does anyone else put a bit of salt on it?
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I have to admit that I put salt on my watermelon now. I used to not until my boyfriend told me I had to try it that way. I used to put salt on cantoloupe though before I tried it on watermelon. I love it!
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Originally Posted by Trillcat View Post
ooh, watermelon, I have that! Does anyone else put a bit of salt on it?
Salt is a MUST on my watermelon. As for what I'm eating tonight, some of you know, BLTs.
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
Salt is a MUST on my watermelon. As for what I'm eating tonight, some of you know, BLTs.
ME TOO! And everyone thinks I am so werid for putting salt on my watermelon!

Tonight is PIZZA NIGHT! WOO! Only 45 minutes to go!
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